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Apr 30, 2009 06:35 PM

My Greek meals: Pylos and Kefi

This happened by accident, but I had dinner last night at Pylos and tonight at Kefi. Full disclosure --- I live downtown and was not thrilled at the prospect of going to the UWS for dinner, although I lived there for over 15 years. But I did keep an open mind. I ordered the same basic meal at both restaurants: Greek salad, lamb chops, shared a mezze platter and pita bread. Hands down, Pylos was a far superior meal, and I am including the service and ambience in that assessment. I had never been to Kefi before, but I felt like I was at Olive Garden. Lighting way too bright, a waitress with a definite don't care attitude. Entrees served before appetizer plates cleared. Salads were sodden with dressing and too much garlic. Lamb was underseasoned and simply underwhelming. My friends had branzino and felt the same way. I know Kefi gets some nice recs from the locals, but it was not worth a journey. Was very disappointed. Skipped dessert and got the hell out of there.

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  1. I completely agree with you, susan robin. I've been to Greece and my childhood friend's mom also cooked us home cooked Greek meals for years. Pylos isn't perfect but, as I've mentioned on another recent post, I never really understood the good reviews for Kefi. It's far less superior in every respect, IMO. This is unfortunate b/c I live on the UWS.

    1. i agree that Kefi feels a bit like an Olive Garden...i reviewed it a month ago and didn't care for it...