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Apr 30, 2009 06:30 PM

Best bakery for sweets - Mke

Hey all. I've been in search for a good bakery for sweets in the Milwaukee area. I'm not looking for a larger cake maker or anything like that, but a place I can go to get a good treat for myself (slice of cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc.). I've been to C. Adams Bakery in the MIlwaukee Public Market, got any other places?

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  1. Simma's in Wauwatosa

    Used to be a bakery on Vliet and 60th called Dobke's...I'm sure they are long gone by now but I have many fond memories....

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    1. re: jenjolee

      I've heard of Simma's. What kind of stuff do you like from there? If I remember correctly, they are known for their cheesecakes, correct?

    2. It's not a bakery, but I thought Alterra coffee had pretty good sweets

        1. re: nsxtasy

          I LOVE C. Adams. They have a bar called the 7th Heaven bar (similar to a 7-layer bar, or whatever else it is called) that is excellent. They also bake cakes fresh every day, and have not been disappointed by their red velvet or chocolate strawberry. I believe that according to Milwaukee Magazine, they won their cupcake of the year award, too. But, I have yet to try it.

          1. re: pastry634

            I love the bakery and Bean's and Barley. Everything is simply made with real everything and no shortcut's. Cookies are amazing, pie crust tastes like butter, whipped cream has just been whipped. The Banana Cream pie is sublime. The have scones that are so good I could cry.

        2. For Italian treats, I favor Sciortino's but only 'cause I live on that side of town. Canfora on Oklahoma is good. The Outpost deli/bakery has some really good stuff, and different, latest fave is banana-flax-choc chip muffins. (full disclosure, I'm an owner in the co-op)

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          1. re: mike_d

            Oh... I can't believe I forgot Harlequin!

            Mike D is right about Sciortio's, too, especially for hotdog/hamburger buns and the like... they're only good the day you get them, though, but they are really, really good!

          2. I really liked La Reve in Wauwatosa village.
            I hated Harlequin bakery. I bought some cupcakes from there to bring to work, and practically had to beg people to take them. Dry, unflavorful, overpriced. I would never ever go back there for anything!