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Apr 30, 2009 06:20 PM

Bored foodie..what's new and interesting?

I'm a young downtown manhattan foodie. I enjoy places that allow me to get dressed up in addition to not killing my week of working out. As a single girl who dates a lot, I am also constantly going out to eat which has a few adverse effects: I get a bit jaded, my expectations are increasingly very high, and I abhor heavy food as I am constantly trying not to over indulge due to frequency. Building on that bit of TMI, I have been tasked with picking another restaurant to go out to dinner at tomorrow. This week I have been to Smith's in Greenwich Village, Bond St, and Morimoto...all of whim were him haw with Morimoto being the worst of all as the chef's selection at Bond St. was surprisingly good.

Alas, I turn to you all. What is fresh, different, unexpected and below 20th St. I enjoy great seafood, though not looking for sushi. One place I have been meaning to get to is Allan and Delancey or Corton, though something with a bit more of an edge or a scene (that's what he is looking for) might be preferred. And by scene, I simply mean a cocktail dress is appropriate ( not that it exists in meat packing).

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  1. Have you been to Ushiwakamaru or Sushi Azabu?

    What about Kyo Ya (kaiseki, not too heavy or oily if you order right)? There's also a new kaiseki restaurant in the East Village called Kajitsu.

    If you are interested in Corton, I am assuming you like more experimental food. Have you been to Tailor lately?

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      Thanks for all the Asian recs. Not familiar with any of them besides Kyo YA, though haven't been

      I have been to Tailor in the past, but don't remember it for the food as I typically go for the bar downstairs. You would suggest their current menu? I enjoy the atmosphere there.

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        I just went a few weekends ago, and it definitely seems pretty hip but still fresh (IMHO). The menu has really evolved over the last year or so. And you would not be out of place in a cocktail dress. The portions are on the smaller side (which I think you would say is a plus) and the food is not overwhelmingly heavy, but it is still delicious. And the drinks are nice, and you can always end your meal in the downstairs lounge.

    2. Falai or Rayuela. Both are casual, though I guess you could dress up if you want. Falai's food is far better then Rayuela's. Allen and Delancey has a new chef and I went too long ago to be helpful. We are going to Corton for the first time next week. Maybe Mercat? It's casual though . . . Uptown there is Robuchon.

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        Nice. I look forward to hearing how A&D is. Must be decent as they have pretty full reservations most nights I've called on a Friday or Saturday. Haven't been to Falai or Rayuela.

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          Hi Amourlands , Im looking for the very same type of thing. Will be checking in on what comes up on your topic here.

          Also foodie - visiting frm London, wanting casual ,funky lux , (have cocktail outfit that needs wearing!) and love seafood, & despite loving sushi dont fancy it for this trip.

      2. If you're in the mood to check out some non-traditional ,sometimes experimental ceviche, check out Desnuda in the east village. The scene sounds like its exactly what you're looking for, and the food is certainly unique.