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Apr 30, 2009 05:55 PM

Kaffir Lime - where to get

Hi, where can one get kaffir limes in NYC? besides the Thai grocery on Mosco St, which only had frozen ones today.


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  1. i've found them at kalustyans, but frozen as well.

    1. I've gotten them frozen at the Thai place in Chelsea Market as well.

      1. Great post from last year: Hope it's still relevant.

        Search is your friend!

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        1. re: Jorel

          I saw them in Jackson heights yesterday at a Bangladeshi place on 74th street- Fresh, and expensive, about $14 a pound...

          1. re: quentinC

            I just bought some at Asia Market on Mulberry just north of Bayard. $2.50 for a small bag. Probably should have been $2, but ok. Not the freshest, but fine.

            1. re: Jorel

              were these KEY limes? Kaffir limes are big, like oranges..... key limes usually come in a bag of several and are small like ping pong balls-- they're good too...

                1. re: Jorel

                  The OP appears to be looking for the limes themselves. It's been a few years since I've seen a fresh Thai lime, ever since the citrus canker business in Florida, I've barely seen them at all, and then only frozen. Leaves haven't disappeared maybe because you can grow the trees for leaves more easily and quickly than for fruit in places less hospitable than Florida.

        2. Bangkok Grocery, on Mosco Street, off of Mott, in Chinatown, always has them fresh. Inexpensive and they last awhile in the fridge. The store is terrific and owners are very nice. Every Thai ingredient you can need, or want. Fresh galangal and Thai basil too.