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Mexican Restaurant in NJ.

Hello, I'm looking for an Authentic Mexican Restaurant in the Morris County area of New Jersey. I'm bring a Native Southern Californian who is searching for a piece of home. Thank you.

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  1. Don't know where you are in Morris County, but Montclair is half an hour or less from many parts of Morris. Mexicali Rose on Park Street re-opened under new ownership just over a year ago. I would urge you to try it.

    1. Haven't been there in years (moved to CT) but Casa Maya was our FAVORITE place for a long time...


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        Was at Casa Maya in High Bridge, out in the middle of no where, a few weeks back. It is still good. Same owners as the restaurant in Meyersville.

        Next door to the restaurant in High Bridge is Lola's, a bakery - she owns this too, had Chocolate Pizza made on a blondie, guava puff pastries, cuban french toast, and Lemon Cake that was AMAZING!!

      2. Hate to say it but stay away from Mexicali Rose if you are used to decent Cal-Mex or Tex-Mex. Senorita's in Bloomfield is better but still doesn't hold a candle to real Southern California mexican. Sorry!

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          I found Senorita's dirty, with an uninterested bartender, and a cookie-cutter tex-mex menu. And I'm pretty darned sure the margarita was filled with something that came from a gun or a green neon bottle. Not a notable place, from my experience.

        2. Take a drive into Jersey City and try Taqueria Downtown, 236 Grove Street. Muy auténtico y muy delicioso.

          1. Finding good mexican around here is a challenge... I too have been spoiled by Southern California's mexican food and I haven't come across anything good in Morris County, but if you're willing to drive to Rahway, there's a place called "Beana's" on St. Georges Ave that is excellent. They have great chimichangas and posole.

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              Sorry clairetraas - you could not have been spolied by SoCal Mex and say that Beana's is excellent. Beana's - on it's best day, is average. The owner is of Irish descent with no culinary training - just has a hispanic cook that fakes his way through the menu. Sheeesh.

              Tortugas in Princeton is a far more authentic place. It's just a hole in the wall, but the locals know it and appreciate it. Also, La Salsa in Rockaway NJ if your looking for the basics like burritos. It is a SoCal franchise that started on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and covers all of CA and IS the real deal. Although it's a franchise (and looks like it), no lard, no canned anything - all fresh and top quality. I guarantee it. There's also one in Fairfield CT, but the owner there will tell you that the mango salsa in the CA locations is still a better recipe.

              Beana's... o' me madre...

            2. Jose's cantena in New Providence. This is actally Union County but ver close to the boarder of Morris.

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                I forgot to mention Jose's... that's a good one too!

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                  Picante on Morris Ave in Springfield isn't far, and it's far better in my eye that the other NJ suggestions.

              2. I highly recommend Fresco de Noche which is on rt. 206 in Flanders. Marco is the owner and the food is wonderful. Marco used to be the executive chef at the Short Hills Club and before that the chef at the Black Horse Pub in Mendham.

                1. My mom's house . LOL if not there then the only thing close in morris county is Don Jose in east hanover. Morris county is known for there Italian but Don Joseys Is still prety good. Not as good as moms though.oH ALSO LIVE MUSIC ON SAT