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ISO of the best crab cake in Montreal

The title says it all. I am sniffing out the competition.

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  1. The only one I can think of, that might to your standards is at Milos(I tried it once there years ago). .

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      Yes. Had the crab cake at Milos yesterday (at lunch) and it was outsanding!

    2. I had amazing ones at Orexi on Bernard but at 9$ a piece.

        1. They had some delicious ones at Isakaya last Sunday. (Snow crab, if I'm not mistaken.) They may or may not still have them, as they were among the specials. No idea how often they change.

          1. Grew up in Boston, corporate office was in Baltimore and I've been on the hunt for good crab and crabcakes since we moved to MTL 2 years ago. Not much to report, so with that said, my vote is for NDG, but will travel for good cakes!! Also, thanks for your tip on the canned crab (Chow Home Cooking Board), I bought some from the fish place on Sherbrooke, blue crab and it was very tasty.

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              It was the one in Westmount. I forget the brand of crab, but it was from Maryland and not cheap, $36 a can. When I went back last week, the canned crab was a different brand and it was from Thailand I think. Didn't buy it. But the fish looks really good there, fresh, unlike the crappy place on Monkland...horrible. I also buy fish, scallops at Maitre Boucher of all places. They have nice cod.

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                The good stuff is Phillip's brand.

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                  Right, I asked the man there about Phillip's and he said that they carry it sometime, but said that "this is better, larger lump crab". Now, if I can remember the name.......duh......nope. Anyway, it was very good, big lump crab. I made a shrimp and crab cocktail, nothing fried, and it was excellent. Where do you source Phillip's brand?

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                    I buy mine commercially a case at a time from Circa/Sysco right now.

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                      Semi-OT: What kitchen do you work in, bigfellow?

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                        I am in the middle of opening my own place this September.

                1. I've had crab cakes at La Louisiane and they are ok. just ok. but better than any other overpriced item on the menu.

                  -not very helpful, eh!?

                  1. When hunting down crab cakes it is important that you go for quality, and preferably home made product from a place that prides itself on quality.... Avoid manufactured or any crab cake of unknown provenance.

                    Many factory made and low cost crab cakes are made with a gray paste that is composed of the steamed soft membranes (and any missed meat) that is separated from the remains of the picking process. This paste is sold to the trade as a low cost crab based filler for crab cakes and anything else that could use some crab flavoring (think pasta stuffing, soup base, etc.). It is not that the paste is bad for you or will make you ill, it is just that if you were going to make your own crab cakes, I am sure that you would not go reaching for a big tub of gray crab paste.... I suspect that you would be using the best lump meat you could afford... So... the next time you are looking in the freezer section of your favorite fishmonger, and you see a box of 6 frozen crab cakes for $9 think twice... It may not be the dining experience that you are looking for.

                    1. I had fantastic crab cakes at Kitchenette tonight. Two golf-ball sized (flattened though) and full of crab meat not filler for just $12.