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Apr 30, 2009 04:18 PM

Sherwood's in Larchmont

I probably have driven by Sherwood's ("Famous for Ribs") on the Post Road in Larchmont a thousand times without thinking twice about it.

Any opinions?

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  1. Until you posted biga290, Sherwood's did not have own thread.
    Has been brought up however within several:

    Best bet, if in area, try it out yourself.
    I was there, once, a long time ago and ejoyed it. Just not in Larchmont all that much.

    1. It's ok. Not worth driving out of your way. It's an old pub atmosphere with lots of mounted moose heads and such. My daughter is not fond of taxidermy (sp?) so we haven't returned. Not worth the hassle for ok food.

      1. My friends and I used to go there pretty often when we wanted to hang out and drink and eat unhealthful food. It's pretty good bar fare, but if you don't live in Larchmont, I have to echo what the others say. It's not so wonderful that you really want to deal with Larchmont parking!

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          i think they have the best ribs in the area and the wings are very good too.

          great place

        2. I'm not a rib eater, but my husband loves their ribs. The Tollhouse Cookie pie dessert is quite yummy. They took the one entree I liked off the menu, and I'm wasn't thrilled with either the burger or the French dip sandwich.