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Apr 30, 2009 03:52 PM

Brookline Family Restaurant -- brief report

Went to Brookline Family Restaurant for lunch recently and thought a recent brief report might be useful. Got three things, all of which were unusual and utterly first-rate:

-Mucver sandwich. The bread used was a little like focaccia, but lighter and topped with sesame seeds and circular shaped like the bread used for a muffaletta. Inside, the main ingredient was essentially a zucchini fritter (not greasy or leaden as things like this can sometimes be) -- added to this were touches of a condiment that was probably yogurt-based as well as shreds of lettuce, onion, and cucumber, which overflowed out between the bisected sandwich sections to become an impromptu salad. Despite its size and ingredients, this was not overly heavy or grossly filling, instead fresh and tasty, very satisfying.

-Collard green soup. Had never seen this before, and it was a real winner. Am guessing the stock was chicken based, but couldn't swear to it. Nevertheless, it struck a nice balance, not too hearty, not too light, with a pleasing flavor I can't say I've experienced before. It was chock full of carrots, potatoes, and shredded greens, with some rice grains that were soft almost to the point of disintegration.

-Turkish coffee. Was thinking this might be like espresso, but it wasn't really. This was a modest-sized cup of coffee somewhere in strength between espresso and regular drip, with a muddy deposit of grounds coating the cup bottom. Got it unsweetened and black -- it had an interesting flavor that almost suggested a hint of cinnamon or something similar.

Definitely a must as far as I'm concerned. The 'hounds who like this place are spot on. We're blessed to have two really good local Turkish places (the other being Sultan's Kitchen near Faneuil Hall).

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  1. i go to have their doner kebab sandwich almost once a week. it's the best!

    1. Great report. I always get take out from there with a friend, a sampler apt split between two easy can make a meal -we actually usually rarely finish it in one sitting - and for $15 thats a steal! You can choose four appetizers, I usually get the stuffed baby eggplant, the grape leaves (theirs are by far my favorite in the area), the stuffed cheese phyllo (something I would typically never order, but its addicting there) and either the lentil kofte or taze fasulye (green beans). Its served with their onion, tomato, lettuce salad- other veggies, yogurt sauce and their homemade bread-- delicious!

      1. The spice in the Turkish coffee was likely cardamon........yumm! Thanks for the great report! That zucchini sandwich sounds like a real winner.

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          I was going to chime in with "cardamom" as well. A dignified, well-respected faculty member at U of Chicago Med, where I was working in the late 90's, would come into the lab at the same time every afternoon, brew his Turkish coffee over a Bunsen burner in his special brewing device, and leave a fragrant trail, redolent of cardamom, behind him. Nice memory.