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Apr 30, 2009 03:52 PM

Can you help me identify this vegetable?

I was at an Asian/Middle Eastern food market the other day and spotted quite a few vegetables I'd never seen before. After much deliberation, I picked one of them up and asked the vendor what it was. I understood something along the lines of 'tuni' or 'tumi' so I thought: "No problem. I'll get home and google it". Google it I did, in as many ways I could think of (checking images as well) but I am still none the wiser.

So here are two pictures I have taken of 'it' in the hope that some of my fellow 'hounders will come to the rescue and help me figure out what to do with it!

I'm thinking it might be something really common but with a slightly different shape...Many thanks in advance!


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    1. fuzzy picture, but it might be an opo squash

      1. Thank you. It does look like an Opo squash (now I've googled it under that name). I'd never heard of it but I'm sure the vendor called it under a different name. Any ideas as to what to make with it?

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          While I have never ate one myself, everything I have heard about them is to use them like a summer squash.

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            It's opo squash. It's used in indian cooking-- I buy them once in a while. In hindi, it's called "lauki" -- you can google hundreds of indian recipes that way. I either peel, seed and chop it and add it to dal (lentils), or cut it and saute it with chopped onions, turmeric, gren chilis, etc.

            1. re: Paula76

              Treat it like you would a zucchini.
              My fave is to use it in a chicken consomme/soup. Peel the squash (the flesh is white), cube the flesh (1-inch square) and boil with the chicken. Season to taste. Or you can put the resultant soup into a food processor & blend it into the consistency of pumpkin soup.

            2. Could be dudi (calabash)?