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Apr 30, 2009 03:46 PM

Greer/Greenville - Soccer lunch -

looking for a place for about 25 soccer players + parents on a Saturday late lunch around Pelham Rd/Woodruff Rd. Gatti World? Any other suggestions? Needs to be pretty reasonable, i.e. less than $10pp

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  1. Right at Pelham and I-85 is Macaroni Grille, Logan's Roadhouse, and Schlotzkys Deli, among some others. On Woodruff Road yes GAtti Town (not the greatest pizza) TGI Fridays Atlanta Bread, a new pizza place called Happy Pie, Moes, and a China Buffet

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    1. re: Chocolate Toe

      I guess I need to call these places and see if they have enough room to accomodate a crowd that size in one area.....

    2. brixx pizza, maybe? not great but edible.

      also, there is enough seating inside WF for 25 people, you could get pizza there. might be a free-for-all, though.

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        what did I miss...Dana - what is "WF"?

      2. Also on Woodruff Road is a pizza buffet place called Stevi B's. It's similar to Cici's. It is in a shopping plaza in between freestanding Walmart and Kohl's. There is also a Dollar Tree, Staples, and Family Christian Bookstore in the same plaza.

        On Pelham Road near I-85 is a brand new place called American Pie Factory. They serve pizza and wings. I haven't been there yet, but it sounds like a good place to take a team. Their website says:

        "According to Joe Mahaffey, president of American Pie Factory of Greenville LLC, the restaurant's concept stems from a favorite pastime -- going out for pizza after Little League ball games. Mahaffey said the idea is to create a restaurant with a family-friendly environment that caters to today's sports teams like the restaurants of childhood days."

        Here's their site:

        There's a menu with prices posted, and it looks like it would definitely be pricier than Stevi B's or GattiTown, but perhaps you could still keep it to about $10 per person.

        Hope this helps.


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          ok - parents have ruled out Gatti's as potentially too frantic and noisy...
          How is pizza at Stevi B's? I looked on-line and it reminds me a lot of Cici's...which is very mediocre IMO. So here's the question... pizza or sandwich place that can accomodate 25 late in the day 3pm that is fairly reasonable for families.