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Apr 30, 2009 02:58 PM

Mother's Day in Anaheim

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice mothers day brunch in Anaheim or surrounding areas? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Give a call to Mr. Stox to see if they're doing a brunch. Mom will love the formal atmosphere.

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    1. re: TomSwift

      Mr. Stox is doing a buffet from 9-2pm and then dinner at 5:30. hmmm, not sure if the buffet thing will fly.

      1. re: Clyde

        So you're looking for a non-buffet brunch?

        1. re: OCAnn

          i think so. i used to live in las vegas so buffet means a whole other world of bad food to me. but this place looks good. i'm considering it.

          1. re: Clyde

            I'm not a fan of buffets either, but one of my weaknesses is Taps Seafood & Champagne Brunch in Brea...@ $34/person, it's worth it if you enjoy oysters on the half-shell (they usually have 2-3 varieties). Taps is a brewery; if you don't want champagne, they'll give up to two pints of their beer on tap.


            EDIT: Never mind...they're already fully booked for Mother's Day.

            EDIT 2: Cedar Creek Inn in Brea also has a nice brunch:

    2. I was thinking about the champagne brunch on the queen mary- has anyone been? it's buffet, but i was going for something different with atmosphere.

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      1. re: Clyde

        The food on the Queen Mary is absolutely atrocious. You get all togged up (jackets and ties are required) and go on this beautiful boat, and then you eat Ramada Inn-quality banquet food.

        There is a second branch of Taps in Corona, if that interests you, or perhaps k'ya, or the Anaheim White House? What about Napa Rose?

      2. The Cellar in Fullerton has a nice Mother's Day brunch menu.