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Apr 30, 2009 02:42 PM

Just Dessert

We will be seeing a 7:30 performance at the Paramount and don't have time for dinner before hand, but would like to go out after for dessert. Any recommendations for getting a table for just dessert and coffee on a Saturday night. I would expect around 9:30PM or so, there is an under 21 in the group so no bars :(

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    1. In my experience Palace Kitchen is pretty cool about a "just dessert and coffee" thing, but I guess I've always gone in later for that... 9:30 may still be within the dinner zone where they're going to want to seat for full meals...

      Might drop'em a quick call and ask to see if that's going to be ok with them.
      (it should be... but I'm sure they'll appreciate that you called)

      1. If you like chocolate, it's a no brainer to walk up the hill from the paramount to Tango
        for El Diablo. if the wait for a seat is daunting they will pack it to go-first hand experience. if you don't like chocolate, proceed to your local doctor.