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Brisket Sandwich at Bakesale Betty's

Friend texted me just now about a new (maybe to me) sandwich - braised brisket with caramelized onions, horseradish spread, arugula, and potato chips (in the sandwich).

Am I late or is this new? And if it is new, has anyone tried it?

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  1. Definitely new! I've definitely never heard of it before, and I haven't seen signs for it (though I haven't been to BB's in a month or so). I really want to know how it is.

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      All I got out of friend was a "WOW".

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        They were serving it 2 weeks ago, but I opted for the trusted fried chicken sandwich instead.

    2. Wow...I'm tempted to drive over right now.

      1. She used to do both pork and beef sandwiches when she first opened. The beef didn't have the chips, onions, and greens you mention, but Alison would grate fresh horseradish on it. Mighty tasty.

        1. OMG!
          Too bad I'm in Mill Valley...

          1. Any news on when her new location (across from Luka's) is going to open?

            1. I too was very excited to hear of the return of the brisket at Betty's but was really disappointed. The sandwich I got on Saturday, was cold, and I mean ICE Cold! So it was hard to tell if it was any good. Too bad because in the past was a great sandwich.

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                When I read your post I wondered if it was a prank. Ice cold? Made no sense. Now that I've had one, I understand. The sandwich was a big disappointment.

                The first time I went to have one I got there pretty late and they were sold out. So I feasted on the usual BSB fried chicken sammie and -- as always -- loved every bite. Today I get there and there's no signage for the brisket, but it does exist and they aren't sold out. As my server describes it, it sounds damn good. Beef brisket with a horseradish mayo sauce with caramelized onions, greens (arugula) and potato chips in a nice bun. Mmmmm....

                OK, so mine was not ice cold, but it was room temperature. Clearly prepped and made long before the lunch rush. That might be OK, except I'm on the late end of lunch and the potato chips had transformed themselves into potato slime. The horseradish mayo is well soaked into the bun. And the caramelized onions? More slimy than caramelized.

                The sandwich has so much potential. Great recipe. Good ingredients. Nice bun. BSB turns every piece of food they touch into gold. But it just falls apart when its made ahead and sitting around for too long. Sigh.

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                  wow, your slime/liquifaction/mushy description really did a number on me ...
                  not sure i can bring myself to try it now.

                  i was puzzled by the "ice cold" story too ... "how could that happen ... stored inside
                  the lemon ice machine?"

                  are you located in Bernal/SF? if so, have you tried the HOT Brisket sandwich
                  from KITCHENETTE? it is awesome, although a little messy [greasy but good bread].

                  ok tnx.

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                    >>not sure i can bring myself to try it now.<<

                    All else could be overlooked if only they'd hold the chips out and stuff them in when its ordered. If the chips had some crunch left in 'em I think I'd have been a happy camper.

                    So go early. Or wait for them to fix this detail.

                    And next time I'm in the West Bay at lunch time, I'll have Kitchette on my radar...

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                    I thought I'd chime in that I finally got around to trying the brisket sandwich today as well, and I was quite happy with it. The brisket itself WAS cold, or not warm in any case, but that actually didn't bother me--think of it more as the type of thing you'd pack and bring on a luxurious picnic. The slices of meat were thick and generous, wonderfully tender. Nice kick with the horseradish sauce. The caramelized onions had good flavor. And unlike other folks, my chips were nice and crunchy and definitely added that textural component they were there for. I inhaled this sandwich in a matter of minutes, washing it down with their good lemon ice.

                    A point worth noting, though, is that I called ahead and asked them to save a sandwich for me and told them when I'd be arriving to pick it up. They'd saved their very last portion of brisket for me, but clearly didn't assemble the sandwich until I arrived. Sounds like that definitely made all the difference.

                    I've had good experiences calling Betty's and asking them to save things for me before, especially when I know I won't be by until after 5:00, when they start running out of popular items. They're always really nice about it, so it sounds like that might be the way to go if you're worried about getting a soggy sandwich that's been sitting around too long.

                    Anyhow...based on the one sandwich I tried...a big thumbs up!

                2. All I have been dreaming about is their lemonade - nothing compares!

                  1. How much is this sandwich?

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                      ??? not sure. I got it with a shortbread for, I think, $7.75. (There were no signs, and I didn't ask the price since I was on a mission...)

                    2. Having one now. This is NOT the old (hot) brisket sandwich, but it is quite tasty. Do not expect a hot sandwich. Instead, what you get is more like a very good deli sandwich. Cold, but tender, slices of brisket with a bright horseradish mayo (with lots of coarsely grated horseradish), and the other bits described above. If you go in thinking cold deli sandwich I think you'll enjoy it.