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Apr 30, 2009 02:20 PM

NC 24 from Raleigh to Emerald Isle - chow

Will be making the three hour-ish drive from Raleigh to the coast (Emerald Isle) along mainly Hwy 24. Any recommended places along the way for a pit stop?


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  1. Are you taking I-40 to Warsaw and then 24 on to the coast?

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    1. re: blewgo

      That is how we usually go unless there are other suggestions...

      1. re: BorntoEat

        That's the way I go. I've never found anything worth sending anybody to along that stretch of road. Souther Exposure that Mike mentions below sounds good though.

        Google map street view:

        Web page:

        Considering the economy, I'd call before I planned a trip around a stop here.

    2. If you search the board for "Smithfield", "Kenansville", "Jacksonville" you'll find some suggestions.

      1. Southern Exposure in downtown Faison, NC. One of the best local farm-to-table restaurants in North Carolina, and amazing to find in the middle of nowhere. Prices are outlandishly cheap for the quality you get.

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        1. re: mikeh

          Second on Southern Exposure . avoid Smithfield's like the plauge, literally.
          Try Abbot's in Kinston ( homestyle ) and T& W in Ocean Isle.
          The ultimate in fine foods at a good price is
          THE COUNTRY SQUIRE RESTAURANT in Kenansville, NC .
          Awesome steaks, private winery and a hotel.
          Great place.

          1. re: ncbraindead

            FYI - The OP isn't going anywhere near Kinston or Ocean Isle.