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Apr 30, 2009 01:58 PM

Tavern in Brentwood

Has anyone been yet? I heard that it was opening today. I work right across the street and am looking forward to this being my new lunch spot.

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  1. it opens for the first time tonight.

    1. And there's a whole thread here on it already. Search.

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      1. re: yogachik

        Oh, was hoping it had been open for lunch today. Also, it's not so easy to search the threads when they name it something a common as "tavern". bad.

        1. re: Matt Esq.

          I read that tread last night and I don't think there was much info yet since it hadn't opened. some speculation but can't wait til someone has been there and posts....

      2. Dropped by at 9 pm Thursday. Place was hopping. There are three rooms: The deli, the bar/lounge and then dining room. The deli seating will be reserved for walkins. the same menu will be served in all three rooms. Dinner only will be served for the first few weeks.

        The menu looks interesting ... didn't grab a copy and so I can't cite specifics. In order to not overload the kitchen, they were limiting the people being seated, even thought the deli tables and many of the bar/lounge tables were unoccupied. The place was still buzzing. The dining room was full and the bar was full of people waiting to be seated. A few were served meals at the bar. For now, I would either make reservations or wait a bit for things to calm down and for the kitchen to hit its stride.