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Jul 18, 2004 11:21 AM

LA Bread in Atwater Village

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This small bakery on Los Feliz (GlenFeliz cross street) was not very friendly, but their pastries were wonderful and beautiful. We sampled quite a bit of all that we bought but the the standout is the apple coffee cake, which is more like an apple cheese danish and nothing like dry coffee cake. Wonderful! Plus the most beautiful Linzter (sp?) cookies with what looks like an orchid flower placed on top (not sure what it is and the guy couldn't tell me).

Coffee was a pleasant of the best cups I've had in ages!

Thanks to everyone who discussed it here in earlier threads as I would have never known about it.

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  1. I've wondered whether this place is good for ages...sounds worth a shot for pastries anyway.

    Anyone tried their lunches or breakfasts?

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      they have great sandwiches for lunch!

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        We go to breakfast there occasionally... what's good about it is that you can always get in as most people don't go there for a meal, but the service is very slow so bring the paper. I get their egg croissant sandwhich which is tres decadeant... fiance had eggs benie last time went, they included something spicy in the sauce which he said if he had known he would have 86'd.

      2. When I first moved to LA (in 2000) they had the best baguettes, better than some bakeries in Paris (where mechanization has taken its toll on quality in the industry). Then they went downhill, but improved again the last time I tried (couple months ago), tho not to the same level. Still, the tarts are always lovely, as are their brioches and croissants. Not a huge fan of the somewhat dry brownies, and while I like the idea of cardamon-blueberry muffins, they taste pretty ordinary. In short, a great neighborhood place.

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          I agree that the pastries and coffee are great. Went there for breakfast yesterday, though, and was extremely disappointed. Ordered the breakfast burrito and was dismayed to find that it was made with PROCESSED CHEESE. Not what I expected for $7+. Also, the home fries/potatoes were undercooked and pretty much inedible. Sourdough toast was superb but not enough to warrant another meal visit. From now on, I'll just stop by for treats.

        2. I've been disappointed in their breakfasts and lunches, nothing is nearly as good as it seems like it's going to be. That, and they always get my orders wrong - and I don't order anything complicated, they just forget stuff or bring the wrong stuff. The pastries are excellent. The breads, in my experience, look a whole lot better than they are. I love a good, dense, dark bread and they have one that looks like it's going to be just that. But it's all light and fluffy inside instead.

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            They have also messed up my fairly simple orders. And they can be slooooow.