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Apr 30, 2009 01:35 PM

Dress attire for Sepia?

My husband and I will be dining on a weeknight at Sepia soon and I am wondering what attire would be appropriate? I am looking forward to what I hear is awesome fare. TIA!

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  1. It is generally dressy, but not jacket required. I'd say it is about the same as patrons of other places in the area, if you have been to Blackbird, Meiji, or Province. The room has a sexy vibe. So maybe more along those lines? Does that help?

    1. Its Opentable listing describes the attire as "business casual". This generally means that jackets are not required for gentlemen (they wouldn't look out of place, but most gentlemen won't be wearing them), but is otherwise fairly dressy, i.e. blue jeans are generally not appropriate (although sometimes either sex can get away with nicer, designer-looking jeans, but I would avoid them).

      1. I certainly wasn't planning on wearing jeans, but I didn't know if a little black dress would be too much, being a weeknight and all. Ms Chow, have not been to those other restaurants, that's why I was kind of looking for help. Thanks!

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          A little black dress is definitely not too much at Sepia. On weeknights the patrons are mostly business-expense account types, or regulars, who can be decked out like sex-and-the-city girls. Well, that was probably a bit extreme to say, but all in all, this is a dressier kind of place without gentlemen being required to wear jackets. Here's a link to Metromix restaurant photos.


        2. Hi! We went a few Saturdays ago. A black dress will definitely fit well with the ambience. As Ms. Chow said, the room is sexy! I loved the decor. It made me feel like I was in an old movie. Have fun!

          1. Just got back from the Spring dinner at Sepia. I won't divulge anything lest the Chowhound police comes after me. All i can say is, Chef Andrew Zimmerman is taking the restaurant in an exciting new direction. With the former chef, the food is more rustic with big bold flavors. With Mr Zimmerman, 6 weeks at the helm, there is already some big changes on the menu. Overall, the food is a lot more refined than before, and creative. Can't wait to hear what the food press will say.

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              Thanks for the update! I can't wait to try, in a city of so many restaurants, I am always impressed with true creativity.

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                Thanks for the fashion advice, we had a great time. It was nice to go to a restaurant and not have your food overly sauced. I really like the decor, more than most Chicago eats.