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Apr 30, 2009 01:21 PM

Tulsa: D'Novo or LXI? other recs?

Anyone tried D'Novo or LXI yet? We will be in Tulsa over Memorial Day weekend for a wedding and the rehearsal dinner is there...any reports?

Also, anyone have any recs for good locally owned coffee shops, lunch spots or good spot for a drink and an appetizer? We try to avoid chains and are staying at the Doubletree at Warren Place; will have a car too.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. PS -- a Sunday brunch option would be great too!

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      Camille's is a locally owned chain for coffee and light lunch menu items. I am not sure which one would be closest to you. There are some good places on Peoria between 21st and 51st . Nice dinner will be close to you on Yale at either Charleston's or Mahogany. I have heard good things about D'Novo but I haven't been there. I think that the Doubletree has brunch you might check into that.

    2. I've had takeout from D'Novo. The portions are small because it is a calorie-controlled dining atmosphere. I had the buffalo burger and it was tasty. It hasn't had the best or worst reviews, just mediocre. I'd try LXI over D'Novo.

      In the same shopping center as D'Novo and LXI is McGill's, you cannot go wrong there - it's a wonderful place for steak dinner or a really nice lunch. For decent sushi and nice ambiance, In The Raw is a little over a mile away on the hill at 61st and Sheridan. For a nice deli lunch, try Boston Deli at 61st/Sheridan as well. Camille's is good for coffee, wraps, sandwiches, and pastries. There is a Starbucks in the hotel. Maggi Moo's is a good for ice cream, it's in Kingspoint (D'Novo/LXI) as well.

      As for brunch, I'd definitely stick to the DoubleTree. It's really good and we normally go there for Mother's Day, etc.

      Oh! I just thought of Savoy for breakfast or lunch and La Roma for Lebanese or pizza. Savoy is a local place if you want to get away from the hotel, they have killer cinnamon rolls.

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        Thanks! Rehearsal dinner is at D'Novo/Lxi so I think dinners are taken care of. Will check out Savoy for breakfast....I think our dinners will all be taken care of so we're def looking for a good breakfast after morning workout and maybe late afternoon snack with a glass of wine. We'll be there Sunday too. Thanks again...

      2. D'Novo is a good restaurant with lite portions and big taste. LXI is a wonderful wine bar featurning "small plate" appetizers. For drinks and appetizers we like to go to LXI, White Lion (English Pub atmosphere) located at 71st and Yale or Sonoma Bistro and Wine Bar on Peoria. All are locally owned and have a quiet, relaxing atmosphere where you can sip your drink and not have to yell to be heard over the background noise. Savoy is a good pick for breakfast...