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Apr 30, 2009 01:17 PM

Restaurant with private room seating 30-35

for a rehearsal dinner in July. Can I find anything for around $50/person? While the kids live in Studio City, we will have plenty of people with cars. Wouldn't mind Italian, Mexican, or.... Probably not Chinese, but I could be convinced. Unfortunately while the happy couple live in CA, we are trying to plan this from PA, which is kind of frustrating. Googling private parties in LA doesn't do much. Any suggestions about a venue would be appreciated or how to go about this search. Thanks.

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  1. $50/person ? = Does that include tax, tip, & all beverages ?

    Roy's - Woodland Hills ~ Has a 3 course $35 p/p option. And their Ohana Room seats up to 35.

    1. Pinot Bistro and Bistro Gardens would both be highly suitable and are in Sherman Oaks, which is adjcent to studio city.

      Here's a link to Pinot Bistro:

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        I second Pinot. Try looking on Yelp if you want more ideas, plus they have reviews.

      2. Look at the list in post "ISO private room for 8, Sherman Oaks..." Someone has a list there that has some great options.

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          For those that don't read the board in real time, that would be here