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Apr 30, 2009 12:26 PM

Mumbai Restaurants Needed

I need to know what not to miss in Mumbai restaurants from fantastic local to break-the-bank (but nothing not Indian, please). Wine/beer service is a must. I only have four nights to get to the best. Thanks!

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  1. 3 of my fave local restaurants in Mumbai: Mahesh Lunch Home, Gajalee & Trishna.

    For hotel-based restaurant, I love Konkan Cafe for Mangalorean seafood dishes & its divine appams.

    Dum Pukht for fine-dining northern Indian dishes at the ITC Sheraton Maratha. You can also try Bukhara restaurant there for Northern Frontier cuisine.

    Mahesh Lunch Home
    8-B, Cawasji Patel Rd Mumbai Maharashtra, Maharashtra , IN

    Gajalee Coastal Food Annexe
    Mumbai Maharashtra

    7, R Walk Lane Mumbai Maharashtra, Maharashtra , IN

    Konkan Cafe
    Taj President Mumbai Maharashtra, Maharashtra , IN

    Dum Pukht
    ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton Towers, Sahar Road Mumbai

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      Wow! What a valuable and on-the-mark reply!. Thank you!

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        great post! we just arrived at the Taj President and i pulled up this post wondering what to eat for lunch and saw the Konkan Cafe on your list. just had a meal there. the goan chicken is really special, service excellent and anyway, how can you not love a restaurant that serves you pon after your meal?!

        i guess, given the recommendation, we'll head to Mahesh Lunch Home for dinner tonight.

        does anyone have any street food suggestions? i haven't mastered it in India yet but in thailand we always eat street food.

        1. re: justintime

          Rule #1 (and perhaps the only rule you need to follow) on eating street food in Mumbai: ALWAYS go to a busy stall with a queue.

          Mumbai's King of Street food item is the vada pav (or vada pao), essentially a mini vegetarian burger of sorts. Many Mumbaikars will grab a couple of these tasty morsels on their way to work, or for an afternoon tea break.

          A vada pav street vendor will deep-fry dozens upon dozens of these potato croquettes in a huge cauldron of oil. Queues of hungry customers will form. At the right moment, when the croquettes are golden-brown, the vada pav vendor will scoop them out, and let the hot oil drain. As you order yourself a couple of vada pav, he'll slit two soft little buns, insert a delicious croquette into each bun, then slather them with 2 types of sauces: a yellowish mustard-like hot sauce, and a sweet-sour tamarind-based brown liquid sauce.

          For maximum sensory pleasure, you need to devour your vada pav as soon as possible. As your teeth bite into the delicious steaming feathery-light croquette, the ultra-crisp golden shell shatters, yielding a molten, saffron-tinged, curry-spiced potato-and-bean mash the likes of which you've never encountered anywhere before. If you have never tasted a vada pav, you have not been to Mumbai :-)

          The most popular & busiest vada pav stalls I've seen are located outside/near the Cchatrapati Sivaji Terminus (formerly called Victoria Terminus) main railway station. But you can really get them anywhere - just ask your hotel concierge for the nearest good stall.

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            i just realized i never thanked you for your advice! i'm heading back to mumbai and delhi tomorrow and wanted to check the boards for any new suggestions. i took your advice about vada pav and ended up eating it wherever i could find it. fantastic! my husband and i also fell in love with dahi puri. i am really looking forward to some serious eating this week.

            1. re: klyeoh

              The best vada pav is found at a little stall in Girgaum - which could be referred to as part of the inner city. It's called Borkar's vada pav. Go early - because they sometimes run out by mid-evening.

              Here's a map link to the area:


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                "For maximum sensory pleasure, you need to devour your vada pav as soon as possible. As your teeth bite into the delicious steaming feathery-light croquette, the ultra-crisp golden shell shatters, yielding a molten, saffron-tinged, curry-spiced potato-and-bean mash the likes of which you've never encountered anywhere before"

                A few years late in responding to your post, but your description above made me yearn for some vada pao NOW! :D

                1. re: makanputra

                  Lucky for you, makanputra, quite a few eateries along Syed Alwi Road in Singapore now offer vada pav/pao, something unattainable just a few years back :-)

            2. re: klyeoh

              I had very good meals at Khyber and Konkan but nothing compared to the three dishes I had at Trishna. I worked with the head waiter to have unique preparations of their specialties, letting him know that I had no problem with heat. He served me three of the best seafood dishes I have ever had, building from somewhat hot to more hot to hot: pomfret Hyderabadi tikka; king crab out of the shell with butter, pepper, garlic, and (specially added) chopped green chili; and prawn masala (with specially added tea). Each dish was served with just the right bread or rice. I was blown away. And I even really enjoyed an Indian chardonnay (2006 Chat Indage Chantilli) for about $25. I can't wait to go back and confront the challenge of ordering exactly the same dishes or exploring the lengthy menu further. Thanks to everybody and every guide that pointed me towards Trishna!

              1. re: Frogrock

                My favorite Mumbai restaurants are (as already mentioned) Trishna(prefer the Fort to the Andheri location),Mahesh Lunch Home(Juhu)and a new favorite this year,the recently opened Melting Pot at the Juhu Residency Hotel across from the JW Marriott in Juhu.Sebastian,the restaurant's creative consultant,although from Goa,is a London trained chef and a delight.The restaurant is high style,though not expensive with a pretty,peaceful Zen feel to it.The food is a fusion of Indian,Chinese and Continental with a heavy seafood base.They recently had a international seafood festival of fish and seafood flown in from around the world not available in India such as Scottish salmon,Florida grouper and Hawaiian mahi mahi.My last meal there was spicy baby squid,Keralan style pomfret,lobster chowmein,five spice fragrant rice and garlic naan.Exquisite!

                  1. re: casalbore spirit

                    Hi , I was living in Mumbai last year. The best kebabs ever are a street stall called Bademiya, behind the Taj Palace in the south. Try their goat. Trishna is good but far less touristy is ExcellenSea, in Fort. I actually had one of the best haute Indian dining experiences of my life at Masala Kraft in the Taj Palace - for fancy Indian food that would be four times the price in London or elsewhere. For amazing lamb and other tandoori dishes go to Copper Chimney in Worli. Can't remember the name of the dish but it was a very slow cooked shoulder I think. Sublime.

                    1. re: daisyK

                      Hi daisyK, Last Sunday (i.e. on 9-may-2010), I along with my husband had gone for a dinner to Delhi Darbar Restaurant in Colaba, South Mumbai. They served some really delicious food there, we totally enjoyed the dinner and it was an unforgettable experience. If you haven’t been to Delhi Darbar Restaurant ( as yet, I would suggest that you do and try out their fantastic Indian and Mughlai cuisine. The chef of Delhi Darbar Atif Mansuri specializes in the preparation of Mutton Biryani, Butter Chicken, Khichda etc.

            3. must also recommend Yazdani Bakery where i went this morning. they've been around for ages and even have their own wiki entry. the owner is friendly and helpful. the bakery is in the fort section (right near Makesh Home Lunch) and is a lovely place (not fancy in any sense) in an interesting part of town. great fresh bread and tea for breakfast.

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                Just for a point of reference...that's Mahesh Lunch Home in Fort.

                1. re: casalbore spirit

                  Hi, I'm going back to Mumbai next month. i tried Khyber last time (disgusting prawn appetizer but yummy butter chicken....beautiful restaurant and excellent service).

                  This time I will be staying at the Renaissance by Powai Lake. Hiranandani mall area is close. I'm trying to find good Indian places in the nearby area for dinners. They must sell beer and/or wine. i liked the food at Kareem's but it was like eating in a food court and served no beer (Muslim run). i also liked the food at Saffron Spice but didn't LOVE it. Also it was a bit snooty. Any suggestions?? Must be within a mile or two of the hotel due to car service. Although i will be working in Vikhroli so something there would work too.

                  BTW, the Indian place at the Renaissance (Nuwab) sucks majorly. $14 curries that are absolute crap. Oh, and I asked for a dish to be spicier than usual and they literally just sprayed tobasco in it. It was absolutely disgusting. The italian place there isn't too bad though.

                  Oh, the Taj President has a good Italian restaurant inside it. And all the food I had at the Intercontinental last time was great.


                  1. re: kevinabeatty

                    Emperor's Court at the Renaissance has some good dishes.I love the Crispy Lobster Balls and the Lobster Balls in Garlic/Butter Sauce.The chef recently returned to Shanghai so some dishes have slipped a bit,but the aforementioned are still solid.Baba Ling,chef and owner of Mainland China has opened a new restaurant in Hiranandani.Fratelli Fresh at the Renaissance has a chef from Italy and as an Italian/American I think his food is good for Mumbai.I stay at the Renaissance,which is isolated,four times a month and really feel it's worth the long cab ride to other neighborhoods for the best restaurants.

                    1. re: kevinabeatty

                      Even though there aren't many must-visit Mumbai places around the Hiranandani area, there is always good food to be had. The Hiranandani-complex area has the following restuarants that serve pretty decent food:
                      * Kinnkon Roccs Resto-Bar (Decent combo of typical North Indan-Punjabi and Continental favourites)
                      * Mantra (regular North Indian stuff) - They do the kebabs, biryanis, veggie appetizers
                      * Sankalp is a reasonably priced standard place with typical south-Indian grub that's pretty reasonable (don't bother comparing with some the stuff in Matunga)

                      If you're ok with places with no bar, then:
                      Hangla's is a place where you can sample pretty good Bengali-style street food and biryanis (I've only had experience at other Hangla locations though).
                      Kosho serves Indian and Indo-chinese along with some continental dishes...somes dishes are pretty good.

                      None of these are what I'd call memorable meals though, and I would seriously urge you to make a cab-ride, if you can, to places in Andheri(E)/restaurants in ITC near the airport/Mulund for a more authentic and/or upscale takes on Indian food.

                      In Vikhroli, you can head to the nearby R-city mall and try out Urban Tadka which is reasonably authentic Punjabi-North Indian food in a nice ambience, or The bowl house which has consistent, but not great takes on SE Asian food

                      In nearby Ghatkopar(E) you are more likely to find good Indian food, but you have to be prepared to go to the more hole-in-the-wall kind of places or street food (highlights include Achija's Pavbhaji, the dosa gully where you'll literally find a 100 varities of dosas, the malai-gola (flavoured snow cones with thick cream))

                2. I was in Mumbai the first two weeks of Sept, 2010. I was researching street/snack foods.
                  -For Gujarati food (hard to find in the US), check out Swati Snacks and Soam.
                  -Bhel puri, pani puri, dahi puri, etc. - the stalls on Juhu and Chowpatty beaches, also Cream Centre at Chowpatty is well known for their chana bhatura, and it was good!
                  -Loved the fresh juices at Haji Ali Juice Centre (at the entrance to walkway to the mosque)
                  -Went to Badshah (near Crawford Market) to try their falooda
                  -Also ate at ISKON (Hare Krishna temple) in Juhu for an interesting experience
                  -One more....Tea Centre is a great little spot just off Marine Drive, walking distance from Marine Plaza Hotel and Oxford Bookstore. Owner Cyrus is great. It's open all day, a quiet respite for a wonderful variety of teas and lite bites. A little bit of heaven!