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Apr 30, 2009 12:19 PM

Driving from Boston to Pawtucket for game; Vegetarian options?

I'm headed out to a PawSox game next month with a vegetarian friend and need a veg-friendly place either off 95 South or in the Pawtucket area. I'm hoping not to have to drive into Providence. We're definitely looking for a more casual place.

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  1. Garden Grille is an all-vegetarian restaurant in Pawtucket, near the Providence line. I don't love it, but it's certainly decent. Also, right in the same plaza is Rasoi, a somewhat modern/upscale indian restaurant which I've never been to, but I've heard good things about.

    1. Definitely Rasoi, right in Pawtucket, maybe 10 minutes to the park. When we go to the PawSox, we go to Rasoi first. A ton of veggie options, inexpensive and delicious. Its in a little strip mall - so definitely not fancy. I believe they have a web site if you want to look them up.

      1. Rasoi and Garden Grille are right next to one another and both have web sites. They are both good but we find Garden Grille more interesting in terms of the menu. Even serious meat eaters come away satisfied after eating there. Have fun at the game!