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Are there any good high end, non-halal butcher shops in Mississauga/Brampton?

duckdown Apr 30, 2009 11:59 AM

Hey all, just figured I'd ask here after pretty much striking out in looking around

I am looking for a place to pick up dry-aged steaks, or other high quality meats in the Mississauga/Brampton area. It seems that all the good places (Cumbrae, Oliffes, etc.) are all in Mid-to-East Toronto which is just too far for me. Closest good source that I know of, for me, is Cheese Boutique which is still Etobicoke.

Does anyone know where I can get this stuff in the west GTA?

Much appreciated! Thanks in advance

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  1. t
    tjr RE: duckdown Apr 30, 2009 12:03 PM

    Elmwood Meats beside the Planet Organic at around Lakeshore & HWY-10 is pretty good. They also carry some Cumbrae products, will order in pretty much anything you want (including game) and mostly know what they're talking about.

    Just let them know what you want, and if they don't have it they can get it in for you.

    170 Lakeshore Rd.E.,
    Mississauga, ON L5G 1G1
    Phone: 905.274.3010 | Fax: 905.274.6636

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    1. re: tjr
      duckdown RE: tjr Apr 30, 2009 12:04 PM

      Never heard of this one , Thanks alot tjr, I think I may take a trip down there this afternoon


    2. redearth RE: duckdown Apr 30, 2009 01:26 PM

      I prefer Medium Rare to Elmwood Meats - both stock excellent products, but I find the quality of the beef to be higher at Medium Rare. Both are worth checking out, though, for sure.


      Medium Rare
      5241 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

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      1. re: redearth
        duckdown RE: redearth Apr 30, 2009 03:00 PM

        website looks awesome, they even boast their dry aged steaks right on the front

        a little far, but may be worth it... thanks

        i went to elmwoods today but they had no dry aged stuff that i could see... i picked up a couple home-made burgers, she said ground today, and a nice thick NY Strip to try out... too bad it started raining! might end up saving them for tomorrow or when it stops

        good thing about elmwoods though is they have alot of the harder to find rubs and seasonings. i'd been looking for the Schwartz' spice and found it, and also bought some Barberien's steak rub seasoning... i'm a sucker for buying these

        thanks forthe responses


        1. re: duckdown
          tjr RE: duckdown Apr 30, 2009 03:28 PM

          Hi duckdown, I've ordered in some Cumbrae's dry-aged cuts before. I'm not sure if their beef is dry-aged, but they mentioned it being hung for a little less than 30 days before, which to me would suggest dry-aging? I believe it's AAA.

          1. re: tjr
            PASTAFARIAN RE: tjr Apr 30, 2009 04:54 PM

            Hi duckdown. Burton Meats in Malton has dry aged .

            1. re: PASTAFARIAN
              duckdown RE: PASTAFARIAN Apr 30, 2009 10:41 PM

              I have never heard of them, Malton isn't too far. They are good? Thanks!

      2. Kagemusha RE: duckdown Apr 30, 2009 06:31 PM

        Aurora Meats--Dixie+Burnhamthorpe. Talk to them and tell 'em what you want. Brandt Meats is also good, especially for pork products.

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        1. re: Kagemusha
          duckdown RE: Kagemusha Apr 30, 2009 10:41 PM

          hi, do they carry any dry aged beef do you know? thanks

        2. redearth RE: Kagemusha Apr 30, 2009 07:49 PM

          Good call - I was a little hasty in taking the bait, it would seem...
          I also second the Butcher Shoppe recommendation. Check out their website:

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          1. re: redearth
            jayt90 RE: redearth Apr 30, 2009 08:06 PM

            The only dry aged I find on their site is striploin.

            1. re: jayt90
              redearth RE: jayt90 Apr 30, 2009 08:09 PM

              This is true, but the prices and quality of their meats is overall quite good, and duckdown was looking for "dry-aged steaks, or other high quality meats"... They're definitely worth checking out, if only for the experience.... ;)

              1. re: redearth
                jayt90 RE: redearth Apr 30, 2009 08:17 PM

                They don't quote prices online, and maybe not over the phone unless they know you. I have heard complaints about the 'eyeball' pricing at the north door counter, so it it is basically 'caveat emptor.'

                1. re: jayt90
                  tjr RE: jayt90 Apr 30, 2009 09:11 PM

                  Yeah. I believe the general tip is to go in looking incredibly poor. Maybe don't take a shower and wear some sweatpants?

          2. jayt90 RE: duckdown Apr 30, 2009 07:27 PM

            The Butcher Shoppe, in SW industrial Etobicoke has a lot to offer, but you have to take cash and line up behind Mom and Pop restaurateurs.

            The Perfect Steak, affilliated with Broil King, and operating out of Waterloo, will deliver 35 day aged AAA beef to your door at reasonable cost.
            I have used them, and the quality and delivery is very good.

            Butcher Shoppe
            121 Shorncliffe Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

            1. j
              juliewong RE: duckdown Apr 30, 2009 08:52 PM

              In south Mississauga which may be too far - but there are two really good butcher shops. "Not Just Steaks" on Mississauga Rd just north of Lakeshore and my personal favorite is "Auld" butchers - 3rd generation shop that has amazing meat, located on Clarkson Road just north of Lakeshore - Clarkson Rd is West of Mississauga Rd.

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              1. re: juliewong
                duckdown RE: juliewong Apr 30, 2009 10:43 PM

                I had heard of Auld; they are indeed quite far from me, but could be worth the drive. I will do some research

                Thanks for the reccomendations

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