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Apr 30, 2009 11:36 AM

My homemade pasta looks a little grey!

Made homemade pasta with eggs on Monday and it's looking a tad grey.. is this normal? Any thoughts? I was planning on using it this evening.



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  1. I have never experienced grey pasta in the 30 years I've been making homemade pasta. Could it be a mold/mildew? Is there any reason you didn't just dry the pasta for use later?

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      First time making homemade pasta, I figured it would be fine for a few days in the fridge... I didn't even think of drying it. I just took a look at it again... it's definitely not mold or mildew, it just has a greyist/beigy tinge, maybe it's the normal color, it still is golden, with just a bit of grey or beige tinge.

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        Did you, perhaps, use a new pasta machine? They are usually coated with a light film of industrial oil that needs to be removed before you use it for the first time. This would definitely turn your pasta grey.

    2. I'm a total newbie to pasta making but I tried to refrigerate just overnight and it definitely had a color change (seems like it had a grayish tinge but can't really remember). It looked so unappetizing that I threw it out. Seems like I got advice here that pasta doesn't really hold overnight. To either use it or dry it or, as in ravioli, freeze it. Again, don't take my two cents worth to the bank.

      1. Eggs do not keep more than a day, or two max once cracked and mixed with other ingredients. They deteriate very quickly. I have had this happen with my pate brisee that has eggs, and crepe batter. And of course pasta with eggs, it also will turn.
        Fresh pasta does not keep,or you simply can freeze it. You just need to use it right away is all.

        1. Could be chef chiclet is right but I never leave my fresh pasta out w/o freezing it. As I make it, I portion it out on trays and when a tray is filled it goes right into the freezer which works the best for me.

          1. According to Hazan, "fresh pasta should never see the inside of refrigerator!!" If you dry your egg pasta thoroughly, either in little "nests" w/ lots of flour, or better still on drying racks, it has never gone grey or moldy on me yet. I was leery about the raw egg, too. But have never gotten ill from my pasta. adam

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              Yes, in her book she says your can dry it and leave it in your cupboard; I have not tried this yet, have you? Anyone??