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Apr 30, 2009 11:25 AM

chicken skin sticks to Le Creuset, any tips?

I tried to make chicken a couple times plenty of liquids but everytime I flip it the skin tore off.. in the LC oven. It stays stuck to the bottom.

Let's say I am making some herbed chicken legs for example, medium heat until cooked, but wish to flip it once. Do you know any tips to preserve the skin. Maybe the pan isn't hot enough when I put in the meat and also was never browned enough. It needs to be somewhat pan fried before it starts to build up in sauce/juice, I thought the sauce would have released the skin but it didn't work.

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  1. I think you have it up to hot - cast iron pots in general need a lower heat. Drop down a couple of notches and report back to me.

    1. I think medium is the right temp. Is there oil in the pot first? Is it "rippling"? Are you adding the liquid before the chix has had a chance to really brown & release? I don't have an LC dutch oven (Mario Batali...snif...) , But nothing ever really "sticks" unless there's not enough fat or oil, or the pot is not hot enough yet. You should hear that nice sizzle when the meat hits the heat; then, don't touch it till you can wiggle the pot w/ out sticking. adam

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        There was oil the first time and second time I used a bit of lard. Just a light coat..
        Apparently it seems oil is better now that I think about it.

        I know with enough oil everything can float and slide around, but I really am trying to get away with the least oil possible. Cooking on enamel/glass is definitely different and I feel SS is more forgiving, maybe SS browns better before all the juices come out into a saucy dish.

        I also was afraid of having it on too high and hurt the enamel, so maybe not hot enough to brown at all.. after the meal I checked the skin that was not burned.

        Everything still turned out really great, sans skin.. presentation is poor like that.