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Apr 30, 2009 11:11 AM

Dinner for sheltered picky eater in the village?

My cousin is coming to visit this weekend, and I'd like to take her to dinner to celebrate her birthday (nothing too fancy). She's 20 years old, but comes from a small town and is very sheltered, with almost no exposure to different foods. She's an extremely picky eater. I asked where she usually likes to eat and she said she usually goes to Chili's or Ruby Tuesday. I'm looking for something mid-range to slightly upscale in the village, that would still serve fairly plain American food. Something to spoil her a little but not make her feel too uncomfortable. Any suggestions would be most welcome!!

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  1. Take her to The Smith. She'll recognize most of the things on the menu, there will be plenty of people her age and the food is reasonably good as well.

    1. Do you think she would enjoy the menu at Blue Ribbon Bakery?

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      1. re: kathryn

        I thought about Blue Ribbon, I like the food there, but it might be a bit too intimidating for her, believe it or not. I may send her the menu and ask what she thinks.

        The Smith I'd never heard of, but that menu seems a bit more suited to her. The location isn't great, as we're coming from Jersey City and it's harder to get to that side of the city, but I wouldn't necessarily rule it out.

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          They have a sister restaurant named Jane that is closer to the West Village.

      2. Would Little Owl work? It's a bit closer to the Christopher PATH station and rather comfort-food oriented.

        1. What about a steak place like Knickerbocker for a real New York feel. You could also try Otto for upscale pizza.

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            Little Owl might not have enough selection... also, forgot to mention she doesn't eat any seafood at all! But it does look like a place I want to try.

            Steak is a great idea. I love Otto, it's one of my favorites, but I think we may go to John's at some point during the weekend so pizza is probably out.

            Thank you all for the ideas!!

            1. re: aes03

              Rare Bar & Grill (WV location) would be fun, too. Tons of options and really solid food.


          2. Village would suit her, it's owned and operated by the former chef from Odeon and very reliable American food. It's got a little more style than Knickerbocker.