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Apr 30, 2009 11:03 AM

Recipe Challenge Help

Hey -- I've been working on conceptualizing a dish for a photo shoot soon and would like some input. It's a play on breakfast for dinner, Bacon, Eggs and hashbrowns.

So far it's a slow roasted pork belly on cider braised red cabbage and an individual rosemary potato gallette topped with a poached quail's egg and truffle salt. I'd like to add one further 'breakfast' item. I was trying to think of something coffee related perhaps but I don't want flavours that don't work together just for the sake of a theme.

I should add that the reason I'm looking to add a third component is partly due to the presentation. I'd like to plate it on a rectangular plate in a trio type fashion.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't know if this will fit the bill for you, but how about a slice of Irish soda bread with homemade jam? You definitely get toast and jam with breakfast. Actually, my local diner will swap regular toast for Irish soda bread and jam, which I love...and cutting it on the diagonal would be visually interesting. If not this, some variation on a toast theme.

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      That's a good idea. I thought bread or a scone or savoury muffin or something along those lines might work. But I like the idea of soda bread.

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        I was going to suggest a little pancake with creme fraiche and caviar.

    2. this sounds great to eat....the techniques are way different for food that is simply going to be photographed.....truffle salt am I going to see that, or know its truffle salt. I also worry that the slow cooked pork will lack color...the braised cabbage will be limp and lacking the color punch you are looking for. THink about impact to the eye - not tongue. For instance a quick saute of the cabbage - will wilt it but it will still have its color punch. Same with the pork - I'm thinking something that gives it a seared color. ( Deep fry??) egg maybe sunny side up - I assume you are looking for impact. You lose the yolk visually when its poached.
      For your third item.....maybe a play on dessert a mini french toast with berries or a bright coulis. Ive done mini chocolate cups on a saucer of coffee cake filled with mocha mousse and chocolate squiggles of steam......they would photograph nicely but think it strays too far from your theme. Best of luck ...remember they use crisco for ice cream ..think visual not taste -

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        We're obviously going to use the tricks of the trade and a professional food stylist for the benefit of visual impact. But the food has to sound good too, hence truffle salt. etc...something sweet at the end might be something to consider, but it's going to be followed by dessert so I don't want too many sweet flavours right at the end. Maybe a savoury interpretation of a typical sweet breakfast item.

      2. Consider a crepe (pancake...) strawberry or raspberry

        1. I was thinking a demitasse of mocha-flavored mousse as a dessert, but I can see where that would not work as well in the photo presentation. My other thought is an orange slice that's been supremed and the segments re-arranged into a circle with some sort of light dressing drizzled over.