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Apr 30, 2009 10:32 AM

Giant Eagle Marketplace - that special?

We have had Giant Eagle grocery stores for about 8 years now all over our town. The local newspaper announced yesterday that Giant Eagle was building a new concept Marketplace store in a part of town about 30 min away from me. I frequent GE and find their meat very good, produce is OK and good selection of ingredients I need. What is so special about this new concept? What's so great? Very poorly written story, no explanation of why you would want to make a special trip.

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  1. The Giant Eagle Marketplace is considerably better than a regular Giant Eagle. They have alot more a selection of everything. I can find everything there. Even obscure ingredients. Also they have a huge salad bar and enormous prepared food sections as well as cooking demonstrations. It is absolutely worth the trip.

    1. I live in the Akron-Canton area and there are many GE stores but Ive never heard of the GE Marketplace concept.