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Which butcher sells best-priced, Prime dry-aged beef?

Would appreciate some ideas other than, say, a places like Lobel's, which is prohibitively expensive.

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  1. Lobel's prices ARE over the top. But prime dry-aged beef is expensive no matter where you go.

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      Thanks. I expect it to be expensive, but I'm just curious if there are some relative bargains out there for great stuff.

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        Depending how your timescale, industriousness and thrift, somewhere on the web shouldn't be hard to find, there is a guy who describes a technique for dry aging your own in the fridge. It entails a big piece of meat, you wrap it in clean white towels or napkins, put it in the bottom of your fridge, and "change the bandages" every so often.

        Ah, here it is: http://www.askthemeatman.com/is_it_po...

        OK, every so often looks like every day...

    2. Ottomanelli and Sons.

      1. Pino's on Sullivan Street or Florence, on Jones Street.

        1. I second Ottomanellis on Bleecker

          1. I'm a new customer at Florence Market on Jones (three times) but I have been really happy so far. Lots of mentions on this site.

            1. I've never bought but have noticed the dry-aged case at Fairway's...the Broadway store...in the back next to the butcher counter

              1. Third Ottomanelli on Bleecker. Great tasty steaks and definitely cheaper than most butcher shops. Extremely friendly staff too!

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                  Any idea how much the t-bones cost there? Seems pricey on the website, but it may cost more becuase the website is for shipping, not in-store.

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                    The dry-aged ribeye is $15.99 a pound, and that was the cheapest I found after some price shopping. Don't know about the T-bone, though. Here's my thread from basically the same topic: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/594112.

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                      Ottomanelli's was closed when I went last week, and so I wound up at The Amish Market in Tribeca, or thereabouts. Lucky me. The ribeyes were $12.99 and every bit as good as Otto's. On top of that, the side of meat they were cut from was smaller, so I could get two individual steaks of the same thickness as the one I usually get from Otto's and then cut in half to share.

                2. I like(d) Fairways harlem and freshdirect. Even though Fd bugs me a bit that I cant see it beforehand.

                  1. I'm going with Ottomanelli.

                    Just very recently, I decided to buy similar cut dry-aged steaks from Ottomanelli and Florence alternatively one weekend after another and the lower cost ones from Ottomanelli was unanimously praised by the disrcriminate steak-gluttons that gorged on them with me. The ones from Ottomanelli were well trimmed with just the right amount of untrimmed fat, while the ones from Florence was just too cloying and didn't have as much of the beefy taste that we look for.