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Apr 30, 2009 10:11 AM

Which butcher sells best-priced, Prime dry-aged beef?

Would appreciate some ideas other than, say, a places like Lobel's, which is prohibitively expensive.

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  1. Lobel's prices ARE over the top. But prime dry-aged beef is expensive no matter where you go.

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    1. re: Ann900

      Thanks. I expect it to be expensive, but I'm just curious if there are some relative bargains out there for great stuff.

      1. re: Benjamin68

        Depending how your timescale, industriousness and thrift, somewhere on the web shouldn't be hard to find, there is a guy who describes a technique for dry aging your own in the fridge. It entails a big piece of meat, you wrap it in clean white towels or napkins, put it in the bottom of your fridge, and "change the bandages" every so often.

        Ah, here it is:

        OK, every so often looks like every day...

    2. Ottomanelli and Sons.

      1. Pino's on Sullivan Street or Florence, on Jones Street.

        1. I second Ottomanellis on Bleecker

          1. I'm a new customer at Florence Market on Jones (three times) but I have been really happy so far. Lots of mentions on this site.