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Looking for Crawfish

I'm looking anywhere in Central Florida for a source of crawfish meat.

I won't buy Chinese product so don't even recommend a place that carries that noxious, toxic drek.

I struck out at Orlando's preeminent seafood market (no names mentioned) but Orlando foodies will know who they are. They said they can't find a consistent and reliable American source. No one is forcing them to carry it, but hey, if they think a few dollars profit is worth it, I'll gladly go elsewhere. No biggie.

So fellow food hounds, anyone know of a place that has domestic crawfish meat or am I stuck going the more expensive mail order route?


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  1. Try Clayton's Seafood,Rockledge,US 1.

    Between Melbourne and orlando.

    They order them live from La.for around a month near Mardi Gras.

    Probably have the tails,also.

    Call petty's-in the Orlando area.


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      I go by Clayton's frequently and don't recall having seen frozen crawfish but then again, I wasn't really looking.

      I had forgotten about Petty's but think I'll give them a call. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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        I went by Clayton's today and they no longer carry frozen tail meat. They did have frozen, whole, cooked crawfish, but I don't care for them frozen. The fat can get rancid and it's not worth the $$$ to find out.

        I did stop by Petty's in Suntree to pick up provisions and they don't carry tail meat either.

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          I heard Clayton's was being sold. Glad to hear a developer didn't buy it and bulldoze it! Do you know if they still ahev their killer blue crab available?

          1. re: Monasmenagerie

            Yes they have blue crab.

            I was in there the other day and they had a few dozen live softshells. Time to make some Po' boys!

      2. BTW this is NOT a good year for crawfish. They are heavily affected by the weather and it was not good conditions in the bayous apparently. The season was late in starting and they have been small and expensive, signs of short supply. Peak season is usually mid May so perhaps there will be some kind of last-minute "reprieve" but I'm just guessing here.


        1. If you're craving cooked crawfish... I'd recommend going to the Celt and Harp pub in downtown orlando. There's a boil ever Tuesday and Saturday (check for times) and it's fantastic! Fresh crawfish is flown in and it's only about 7$ per pound. Delish!


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            I saw big live crawfish at Cox Seafood in Tampa the other day.

          2. I've seen frozen crawfish tails at our local Publix supermarket on occasion. Maybe if you ask them, they can get it.

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              I live south, but we went by Publix a few weeks ago looking for it . They didnt have any in but they said they could order it and have it in a few days.

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                Yes, they are Chinese, the worst ones, they are tasteless!!

            2. Lombardi's Seafood Market used to get in live ones. I haven't been there in years though... did they move their store from Altamonte to Winter Park?

              1. i ve been to new orleans cajun seafood on pine hills and colonial they have crawfish and crabs

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                  Live LA crawfish season runs appx from Jan through July with the peak around May.

                  Anything you get now is going to be long frozen - and whole crawdads are notorious for NOT taking to freezing and thawing very well.

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                    i agree . it is not crawfish season! wait till next year monsieurs et madames

                2. It's not Central FL - but in Delray this weekend there's a guy who trucks down hundreds of pounds and sells them from his yard by the sack. He also has a party/boil on Saturday evening. This guy does this about twice a year, mostly for his own fun I think.

                  He used to own a Sign Company and the house is right next door. It's right around NE 13th Street and N Federal Highway. I can provide more specific info if anyone is interested.

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                    a new crawfish place opened on Mills Ave owned by a Vietnamese family, the Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Weekly just covered them recently (what a coincidence)

                    King Cajun Crawfish of Orlando
                    914 N. Mills Avenue Orlando, FL, 32803 | Phone: (407) 704-8863

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                      I can also recommend King Cajun Crawfish of Orlando. Call ahead if you're going on a Sunday, though, 'cause they usually sell out of crawfish Saturday nights.

                      If you want a "complete" boil, you'll need to tell them to throw an order of potatoes and/or corn into the pot when they are cooking your crawfish.

                      One last thing. They have this awesome garlic sauce that they throw on top of the crawfish. According to the owner, it's a partcularly Louisiana-Vietnamese thing. If that's not YOUR thing, then tell them ahead of time not to put some on yor dish. I love it, however, so it's definitely MY thing.

                      Hope this helps!!!

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                      I see your comment is quite old, but do you know if this guy still does this and possibly how to get in touch with him??? I am closer to Delray than Orlando anyway

                    3. You have not specified whether you are looking for fresh or frozen crawfish, but I assume frozen is acceptable, since that is the way most crawfish meat is sold in this country.

                      I live in Tampa and I know you can get bags of frozen crawfish meat at Cox's Seafood on Dale Mabry in Tampa. I am sure that other seafood places also sell it frozen in Orlando. I believe that this is not a problem.