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Apr 30, 2009 09:07 AM

C.C. Rehearsal Dinner

Working on finding a good spot for a wedding rehearsal dinner this fall (one of the few tasks assigned to me by my fiance). Would like to do it in Center City but would be willing to venture to other nearby neighborhoods. In order to keep cost down the restaurant should probably be a BYOB. We will have about 20-30 people at the dinner. We're trying to watch our spending at this point, so I would like to get in the $20-25/person range. Having searched the web some ideas I have seen are:
Franco and Luigi's
Bistro La Baia
Black Sheep Pub
Tre Scalini
Lee How Fook

Most of these prove too costly for our price range, but some might work (although not all byob). I wanted to have the dinner at Aqua but I believe their private room is upstairs and our party will include elderly who cannot take the stairs.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. We did ours at DiBruno's. They were flexible and created a customized menu for our guests, are BYOB, provided a bartender, and have an elevator in the back that they can use to accommodate anyone who can't manage the stairs. It's very private given that you're the only one up there (and the only ones there after the store closes), we even brought our own music for them to play. I think in the end, though, we might have been closer to $30/person for sodas, antipasti, passed apps, dinner, and dessert.

    What night of the week are you leaning towards? We ran into the problem that on a Friday night, few BYOB restaurants were willing to give up the space.

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      I looked at DiBruno's, but on the website it looks like they charge you a flat $500 fee just for renting out the space. With 25 people, thats 8 bucks a head before we even get to the food. Were you able to get them to waive it?

      Running into the same problem for Friday night. We're taking pictures before an evening ceremony on Saturday, so thats the only time for the dinner.

      1. re: dtphilly

        You know, I wasn't sure, so I went back and dug up our invoice. I was wrong on the per person price, that the number I said did not include the space or staff... but we also had 60 or so people (it was more an out-of-town guest soiree than rehearsal dinner), so it was distributed over more people. It may be worth getting a quote from them, they were pretty easy to work with.

        Could you make it a Friday lunch? We had a lunch earlier in the day (yes, all we did was eat for several days in a row, or at least our families and friends did) for a smaller group at a restaurant and it was significantly less than doing dinner there.

        1. re: urbanfabric

          We'll think about it, but I think we need to help out out of towners figure out dinner.

          Many thanks for taking a look at your records!

    2. When are you having the dinner - if you are not a procrastinator (I say that kindly, I am) you might have more options with BYOs since many of them are small - but occassionally close for a party

      1. Talk with Mustapha at Figs. He could probably put together a good menu for you in the $25 pp price range.

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          thanks. there seems to be a lot of love for figs on this board. we'll go check it out for lunch or dinner and proceed accordingly.

        2. Another possibility is Sazon. Venezuelan. Not a lot of atosphere but we have seen many large parties enjoying platters of great apps and entrees. They would definitely meet your price point and everyone would have a good time.

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            thanks. especially good looking because we have people in our party who have special gluten needs.

            1. re: dtphilly

              They are amazing when it comes to taking care of allergies. They use separate oils and hand cut the fries. Most of the menu is gluten free.

            2. re: joluvscards

              I love Sazon - and I always forget about it when I am on this board!