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Apr 30, 2009 09:03 AM

Trader Joe's flour

I went to Trader Joe's to buy King Arthur flour and found they no longer carry it. They now carry Trader Joe's flour. It comes in white and white whole wheat.. The packaging is very similar to KA'S. The check out guy said that he thinks King Arthur is packaging it for TJ's, but he wasn't sure. Has anyone tried it? Is it the same. I would appreciate any feedback.

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  1. I am 99% certain it is not repackaged KA Flour. I am on the mailing list and TJ's was not happy how commercially available KA had become. More here:

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      TJ's should take a hard look in the mirror when it comes to commercial. They're no small company.

    2. The clerk @ my TJ's checked for me, and is it NOT rebranded KA flour, despite the graphic design similariities of the 2 brands. He didn't know the protein content of the TJ flour. KA AP flour is 11.9%, one of the highest out there. Gold medal is something like 8 or 9%. adam

      1. After reading the link posted by mkel34 I can agree that it is almost certainly not KA flour. Funny how Trader Joe's is banking on the commercial success of King Arthur though and trying to imitate the packaging.

        Oh well, I'm sure King Arthur will take a bit of a hit there but as they say in that blog post, it's available at most regular grocery stores now too. TJ's loss.

        1. I bought the new flour and had a sticky mess when I tried to make my standard 65% hydration pizza dough. It seems more like a soft Pillsbury-type all purpose flour vs. the King Arthur which was closer to a bread flour in protein content.