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Apr 30, 2009 08:31 AM

Point Richmond deli blues...

Point Richmond is a beautiful place to live, and there are a few good places to eat out here. But alas, at those times that you just NEED a big deli fix...oy.

Until recently, I had to make do with the tasty but limited selection at Point Richmond Market -- six or seven excellent sandwiches and enough fresh Near Eastern grub to make up a "Mediterranean plate." But that's it.

Now, there's new deli action in Pt. Richmond. Down the street at The Spot convenience store they've always had a nice basic selection of pretty good hot dogs, Polish, Cajun etc. Now they have installed a deli...a really bad deli.

I admit that, once having tried a couple of items, I didn't go on to sample the various salads (pasta, bean etc.) on offer. What I have tasted are 1) the worst lasagna ever -- no one would ever guess this is an Italian dish, or that lasagna can be a succulent dream; dry and beyond bland, 2) the worst "barbecued" pork ribs ever -- fatty, tasteless and depressing, and 3) the worst "hot wings" ever -- slimy, greasy and foully-spiced...yuck!

I also tried a rotisserie half-chicken which was rather nice...but the rest of the meat preparations are not appealing.

The owner (who says he is doing the cooking here) is a nice Arab American guy, but he is swimming in unfamiliar waters in his food choices. Perhaps because the other deli has Middle Eastern stuff he decided not to go that route. But what a disappointment!

Poor me.

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  1. Thanks for taking the bullet AND reporting back. Too often people don't report lousy food. IMO, that is just as important as the great stuff. It saves someone else from indigestion.

    Did the owner change or did they just get the urge to expand the food selection?

    Spot Liquor Store
    1 Tewksbury Ave, Richmond, CA

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    1. re: rworange

      I recently had a hot link at The Spot. It was mediocre and the counter guy was grumpy. But it was pretty cheap.

      1. re: osc3

        My issue with the Spot's dogs is that they serve them on cold, dry buns. And perhaps there's sometimes something slightly unsanitary about the condiments trays. But the sausages themselves seem tasty enough to me -- not Top Dog, but not bad. I've always found the people who work there affable, though some of the younger ones often have trouble counting change.

    2. I've had some good deli sandwiches there at The Point, the simple turkey & swiss, with everything, extra jalapenos, on Dutch Crunch. They're not as "over the top" as the sandwiches at the Lee's sandwich chain in downtown SF, but they're good sandwiches, and you can buy some booze to take home for later. They do a bit of business with people from nearby Masquers Playhouse.

      1. Hi mike, how's it going? Yesterday I was in Point Richmond to grab a quick bite after the taco truck went missing. My friend wanted to show me his "secret" place, and when he directed me to turn, I thought we were going to Spot Liquor, as I noted the deli set up and the Hot Dog and Chili signs in the window. But no, and sounds like I dodged a bullet, as I was very interested in having a chili dog.

        Instead, we went to Little Louie's. Now reading past posts, I see that you had a bad breakfast there. But maybe you want to try it for a deli lunch. Friend had a beautiful turkey and cheese sandwich on a ciabatta roll and the garnishes were fresh as can be. I needed some protein and ordered the bowl of homemade chili, which was $4.50, and came with cheddar cheese and red onions on request, as well as half a ciabatta roll and butter. Too much tomatoes for my taste and needed some cumin, but it was fresh, hearty, and wholesome with lots of coarse ground beef and just what I needed in my stomach at the moment. We sat out on the redwood deck on the back. The enclosed patio has nice umbrellas for shade, flowers in planter boxes, and looks new.

        Breads here are from Acme and Semifreddi. We also had an apricot bar from a bakery in San Rafael, but I don't recommend it. Too sugary.

        Homemade chili and ciabatta roll -

        Edited to add: I didn't take a look at a wine list, but I did notice that the bar area had some high quality stemware on the shelf. Better than Dry Creek Kitchen, for example, uses.

        Little Louie's
        49 Washington Ave, Richmond, CA 94801