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Apr 30, 2009 07:46 AM

Pick's vs Buns: Burgers

In the thread on Restaurant Openings - 2009 , chilipepper told about a new burger place opening up on St Marc, just north of St Catherine. Around the corner from Buns. They opened 2 days ago.

The young man who owns and operates Pick's was brought up in the business. His parents owned Manna, the Korean resto on Bishop. They sold it and now own and operate a Korean resto on the Southshore.

First off, they sell kogo's. A kogo is like a pogo, but it has pieces of potato in the batter. We were talking while he was making one for a customer. He forgot about it for an extra couple of minutes.I joked that it was crispy. It really wasn't that overdone at all. But he wouldn't serve it to the customer because it wasn't perfectr. My kind of guy. Just for this alone, I would hire him to work in my kitchen any day!

The burgers are made from premium meat. They are never frozen. There are 5 or 6 types of cheese available. Cheese is an extra charge. But the basic burgers are 50 cents less than Bun's. ($3.50 vs $4).

Now the big news. YES FOLKS, they have toppings like bacon, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers and the like.

They also do a steak burger with bul go gee beef. They also serve french fries that are homemade. I must confess that I prefer the grilled potatoes at Bun's. But they are not consistantly cooked. (I remember the second leason that I was taught in my training by my first chef: ALWAYS< ALWAYS be consistant! ( the first was to duck flying objects when he was angry)) So I will have to give that one to Pick's also.

He does do Hot Dogs. He also has Michigan sauce for the dogs and the burgers.

All in all I rate Pick's as the winner so far. I'm going to go back tomorrow and just see how they're doing and to test the food once more.

I asked and he will also get kimchee from his parents place for me!

Has anyone else been there yet?

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  1. I went in to see the menu and have a chat with the owner yesterday, very nice people and a neat little space. Didn't have a burger as I had just picked up the humongous combo from Thali next door, but I'll be back soon for sure.

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    1. re: Anth

      I saw this place as I was coming out of Thali the other day and was curious. Maybe I'll check it out.

    2. Order menu without prices:

      double burger
      jumbo dog
      fry's gravey
      fry's and salad

      smoked gouda


      cole slaw

      michigan sauce
      sauted mushrooms
      carmelized onions
      fried onions
      grilled red peppers

      wasabi mayo
      chipolte mayo
      honey mustard
      spicey ketchup
      aioli sauce (aioli & mayo)
      grilled red peppers & aioli sauce
      sun dried tomato with basilic & aioli

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      1. re: bigfellow

        Better than Buns but perhaps a little less meat in the burger (won't swear to this). The problem with "home style" burgers is that we can make them better at home and so it's tough to get crazy about them. I didn't dress the burger up above the "free" toppings so I imagine if you're willing to pay the premiums you'll get something more special and much more expensive than the $3.50 basic.
        Expect a long wait as the friendly owner has yet to realize people don't want to wait forever for a burger. Hint: When a burger is ordered throw a burger on the grill first, ask about toppings after. There must be family money behind this, we'll see if it tightens up enough to be able to survive.
        Like Buns I can't understand how enough turnover can be generated to make money when everything is so slow. There was a group of two or three people who came in after me and seemed to be very interested in ordering but left after about 5 minutes with one of them saying "they've just opened maybe we'll come back later". Their order hadn't been solicited and of course there's no way they came back. A one person show is a tough act.
        Also a guy ordered some fries which looked quite tasty after the long wait it took to present them, but the normal sized fry bag wasn't even close to being full. I saw the guy sort of looking at it and wondering what was up.
        I'm thinking a short lived lesson on the restaurant learning curve.

        1. re: everyonelovessushi

          He does have to learn to put the burgers on the grill first. I was back there last night and passed by this morning. He has started to get more help.

          Tried a sample of a kogo today. It was very nice. But the burgers rock!

      2. Smoked gouda? bulgogi beef burgers? I've never been here, but I already believe it is better than Buns!

        I second the ongoing comments about the one person show though. I liked Buns, but the waiting is certainly an issue - and I can only imagine how bad it's going to be come summer time. Surely efficiency/serving more customers is worth paying the minimum wage to hire at least a second person to be a cashier?

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        1. re: afoodyear

          Stopped in last night on my way home. I ordered 5 burgers, a fry and michigan sauce, and I was given a couple of small kogo samples. They had steady business. I recognized many faces from my earlier visits. As well as former Bun's customers.
          Good atmosphere and they seemed to have a rhythm going getting the food out.

          1. re: bigfellow

            5 burgers?? Hopefully not just for yourself, or are they just that good?

          2. re: afoodyear

            Pick's steak burger is just slices of saute bulgogi beef(paid $4 for this!). Tried it yesterday. Total disappointment. Give me a Harvey 's burger over a Pick's or Bun's burger anyday.

          3. Agreed with the service aspect, but the place hasnt even been open up a week yet. They have a sign looking to hire people at the moment, so I wouldnt be too worried. Awesome burgers imo

            1. I went today at 18h and there were two guys working. The wait was under fifteen min. I got a regular burger all dressed and it turned out great. I'm interested in trying the steak (bulgogi) burger next and probably one of those kogos. But my first impression is definitely good.

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              1. re: blond_america

                Were you tapping on your phone, sitting in the corner stool ?

                I got the burger with all the free toppings. It's good enough for me to return and try their other stuff. I wanted to try Buns right after but the line was too long.