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Apr 30, 2009 07:43 AM

Best Seafood On The Water?

Hey guys, where in Boston is the best place to sit out on the water and get really fresh seafood? I know there are great seafood places, and I know there are some places on the water, but I dont know any of both. Are the good places in Boston, or do you have to venture outside for quality?

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  1. Tavern on the Water in Charlestown has really great views. It's a fun place to go. I can't vouch for their seafood as I've only gotten a burger there. Perhaps other people can tell you how their seafood is.

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      Thanks, based on some searching ive done, Ive found recs for Yankee Lobster and Belle Isle Lobster, can anyone vouch for those?

      1. re: jcmoney

        Yankee is not bad but it overlooks Northern Ave..not the water.

        I had some great large bellied fried clams at the Sail Loft on Atlantic Ave last weekend. A lot of people don't care for the place, even in my own household,but I think it's fine for what it is.

        Joe's on the Waterfront is also a decent option; not mind blowing but good harbor views and it's 1 of BBRG's better run places. Had a coupon and had a good bacon cheeseburge yesterday..they've also upgraded their wine list and offer a good selection by the glass at fair prices.

        A step up in price andquality, Meritage..Harbor Hotel.

        There's a sports bar that opened last summer in the Seaport District in an old Chinese restaurant, near Anthony's. I can't speak about the food but a nice spot.

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          Thanks for the replies is Anthony's? The other places listed sound very solid.

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            Anthony's has great views. I've been a few times and had drinks and raw bar that were fine but general reports on the food are not encouraging.

            It's sort of like going back 30+ years in a time machine, which can be fun for a drink..but I wouldn't chance it for a full meal..:)

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              For me, there are two good things about Anthony's Pier 4, the view and their popovers. Not a fan of anything else there, including their snarly, neglectful service. It's a no-go in my book.

          2. re: jcmoney

            Belle Island is more a a fish market with a counter and takeout. Known for their huge lobster roll. Tried it, along with their fish/chips. Not so great. If the weather is nice, you can stand around outside on the bridge....perhaps not the experience you are looking for. Great seafood right on the water is a taller order, even if you hit the Northshore. Bob Lobster in Newburyport (Plum Island) is a close fit. Picnic tables with lovely views of the marshland and some of the best seafood around. Also, either Tony's or the Clambox on Wollaston Blvd in Quincy. Right on the ocean and both have decent seafood. Much closer than Newburyport, but I don't think the quality is quite as high as Bob's.

            1. re: Science Chick

              I can certainly vouch for both the Clambox and Tony's. I have always thought of it as a take out place since it's so close to home, but last summer I sat out at Tony's and really enjoyed it. Sometimes we don't appreciate the places that are closest to us. The Clambox also has a beer and wine license if that makes a difference. Keep in mind these are clam shack types of places. If you want full service, I would probably make the drive to Salem and go to Finz.

              1. re: Science Chick

                Belle Isle makes an honest and affordable (if not oversized anymore) lobster roll. Their tiny eat-in counter space is awfully grungy and uninviting, though -- not much of a view either, except for the road running past.

          3. Boston's waterfront real estate is too expensive for restaurants of that sort. And, historically, it's been almost entirely commercial/industrial - it's was first and foremost a working harbor, not a parklike harbor.