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finding "golden syrup" in N. Westchester

Have heard that this specialty item used in Australia and Britain has no real substitute. Tried to find it at Zeytinia in Croton, but they didn't have it. Anyone know who might carry this?

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    1. re: steelydad

      It's "similar" to corn syrup, used in baking typically. It's made from cane sugar instead of corn though. Apparently has a "better" flavor than corn syrup.

    2. I've seen it at the Whole Foods in Westport. Is there a WF near you?

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      1. re: Avalondaughter

        nah, we're "the boonies" up here near peekskill. Nearest WF is white plains, and I hate white plains.

      2. You're looking for Lyle's Golden Syrup (www.lylesgoldensyrup.com). If you can stomach White Plains, its available at Whole Foods. If not, its sold on Amazon.com.

        1. Try the European aisle in Stop & Shop (the bigger your store, the more likely they have a better section). I'm not from Westchester, but I think I've seen it at S&S.

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          1. re: RoleModel

            thanks; I'll give that a try. I don't shop at S&S but there is one near me.

            1. re: RoleModel

              thanks RoleModel-- stopped at the S&S on my (sort of) way home and not only did they have it (in the "Irish" section) but I discovered that this store that I'd never set food in was quite surprisingly nice and much larger than my usual store.

              1. re: DGresh

                Balducci's in Scarsdale has it. ANd they have it in the new, resealable container, instead of the tin can.

            2. have you tried Kitch and kafe in bedford hills by CVS shopping center?

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              1. re: apples

                as I wrote last night I found it *way* closer to home in the Stop and Shop in Peekskill. What a pleasant surprise.

              2. I found it in 2 places this week -- after searching high and low. The A&P Express in the Chillmark Shopping Center has it, but it's no longer with the sweeteners. They hid it with the baking cups. They charge $4.49 for an 11 oz bottle. Whole Foods in White Plains has both bottles and tins. (Thank you, rjbh20!) They charge $3.99 for the bottle.

                Also, just in case you're baking with chocolate--Lindt is on sale at A&P this week -- 2 for $4, vs. $2.79 each.

                1. A quick google yielded this, which is a very good price for an imported product:


                  Edit: Just noticed you already found it, but still a useful link methinks!