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Apr 30, 2009 07:22 AM

Birthday cake!

Are there any bakeries between Midtown and Houston St. that make delicious, AFFORDABLE birthday cakes? ie. on par with, yet cheaper than, Magnolia or Buttercup

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  1. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is below Houston Street but their cakes are tasty.

    All layer cakes can be matched with the icing of your choice.
    Fillings available upon request.

    7” Double Layer $25
    9” Double Layer $35
    7” Triple Layer $34
    9” Triple Layer $44
    12” Double Layer $65
    12” x 18” Single Layer Sheet Cake $65

    Amy's Bread makes good cake, but I'm not sure about their pricing.

    1. Bruno Bakery on LaGuardia Place, just north of Houston Street by a block or two. I love their birthday cakes, and I think the carrot cake is the best I've ever tasted. Nice people, too.

      1. My Most Favorite Dessert Company in Midtown or Crumbs Bakery (multiple locations)

        1. I love Veneiro's for birthday cakes. They are old school, but always tasty—and shockingly affordable.

          1. I like the green tea cake at Cafe Zaiya in midtown. They have strawberry shortcake too. There's a cake with pear in it at Ceci Cela but it's below Houston.