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Apr 30, 2009 06:51 AM

Whole Foods in Midtown Charlotte?

So I read on this morning that Whole Foods was considering taking the place of the Home Depot Design Center on Charlottetown Ave. in Midtown Charlotte. This would be great! A few years ago I was looking forward to the Whole Foods that was supposed to open up on Elizabeth Ave., within walking distance of my house. Sadly, that never materialized.

Midtown would be a great location as it lies on the edge of four parts of town that have many people who, I believe, would prefer shopping there: Dilworth, Elizabeth, Myers Park and Uptown. Additionally, it would be a convenient location for those who work Uptown to stop by on their way home from work.

I hope this happens.

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  1. First I've heard of this! Then again I rarely venture up town. We're swimming in grocery stores in south Charlotte, I just don't know how we are supporting all of them.

    1. Yes, I read that article too. Whole Foods would be great. The article mentions lots of stores that are looking at this space - Whole Foods, Kohl's, Costco Wholesale, Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale Club and Wal-Mart are among the names they say have checked out the location. Trader Joe's is just across the parking lot and rather than hurting sales I thing they would have great synergy and both would boost sales for each other. I hope it happens.

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      1. re: GodfatherofLunch

        I agree - I really don't see Trader Joes and Whole Foods as being in direct competition with each other.

        Trader Joes really specializes in pre-packaged dinners, frozen food, cheap snacks, beer/wine, pastas, etc. It is not really a place you can do a complete grocery shopping since there is a limited produce department, no butcher (just pre-packaged meat), etc.

        Whole Foods is an entirely different animal on a completely different price point.

        1. re: mcap

          "Whole Foods is an entirely different animal on a completely different price point."

          You can say that again. I'll never forget the taste of my $4 peach there.

        2. re: GodfatherofLunch

          Oh, I am so hoping that Whole Foods takes the space! And I agree about the synergy comment- between Target, TJs, and Whole Foods I could do most of my shopping in one location. Fingers crossed.

        3. We are SO overdue for a Whole Foods its ridiculous - and a bit embarassing, I have to say. Is CLT that insignificant that we haven't warranted a location before now?

          I hope they work out the details and make it happen... quickly.

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          1. re: lynnlato

            I rather like not having one. We have Home Economist, a truly local store, and Earth Fare which is a very small regional chain. Whats the use of Whole Foods other than to drive these out of business?

            EDIT: Yes, I just realized I typed Home Economist instead of "Healthy Home Market", but I just have a hard time calling it that...

            1. re: billyjack

              I would think in a city the size of Charlotte you could have Home Economist, Earth Fare and a few Whole Foods. If the triangle can support the number of whole foods it does as well as the co-ops that still exist surely CLT can

              1. re: quazi

                I don't know, there is a different mentality here. Theres a reason there aren't any co-ops in Charlotte ;-).

                Seriously though, I'd hope each would have its loyal customer base. I guess in the interest of "free market" and competition bring 'em on. I just have never missed having a WF here.

                1. re: quazi

                  Agreed, quazi. 1.5 million in the metro area. Come on, now. I like Whole Foods. And Earthfare, Fresh Market, Home Economist can't be everything to everyone. Diversity and options are what is needed, IMHO. Anything that will help Charlotteans expand their horizons - and anything that isn't a Harris Teeter, CVS or Target - is welcomed in my book.

                  But, for the record, I try to support local small businesses ( and farmers) first.