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Apr 30, 2009 06:34 AM

Trying to pack - need suggestions on attire

Good morning-

Long time reader/First time poster here. My wife and I are taking a delayed honeymoon (wedding was back in August) to Barcelona, Moraira, Seville, and Madrid. We love to cook and eat, and we're practically salivating with anticipation. We've read quite a bit about where to go and what to eat, but I am struggling with the packing. We have decided to go for it at Cinq Sentis for the tasting menu. It's something we probably wouldn't do at home in Chicago, but what the heck.

I'm wondering, how swanky do we need to be in the dressing department? I would never wear less than a suit to go to Alinea here in Chicago- is Cinq Sentis similar? Or can I wear jeans with a cool shirt and a blazer? I don't want to be "those stupid Americans" they seat in the corner because we show up with flip-flops and "I (heart) New York" t-shirts!

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A suit in Spain would be overkill. I tend to pack a linen jacket and wear trousers/chinos, decent shoes (often suede) and a nice shirt (often wacky). I have never felt out of place in either a tapas bar or fine restaurant.

    The Spanish do smart casual with a lot of style and pazazz - think of Adolfo Dominguez and Antonio Miro at he top end, through Massimo Dutti in the mid range down to Zara at the bottom.

    1. My dad usually wears slacks, dress shirt, and brings a sport coat. Do not be afraid of color as the spanish are very stylish and hip! Think orange and white striped shirt, with orange polka dot tie. All very neat, pressed, high end but somehow they pull off color combos that I would never put together.

      As for women, look at Zara or El Corte Ingles website for inspiration. No white tennis shoes, but trendy sporty sneakers would be OK for day. Jeans are ok as long as the top half is business casual.

      Spanish women are so stylish and beautiful that I always feel like a frump when I am there no matter what I pack!