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Apr 30, 2009 06:34 AM

Steak in Billings Montana

Nothing overly fancy or outrageous.
I understand there are 4 decent places..

Walker Grill
The Granary

If I had to pick one out of these 4, which one?


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  1. have been to both Walker's and Jake's. Walker's is the fanciest - one of the fanciest/prettiest restaurant interiors in MT, actually. its menu is available online. Jake's, across the street from Walker's, is more casual, very big, and will be full of businessmen, younger dates-couples, and big tables of multi-generational families "going out" to dinner - the kind of group that would choose Walker's over Jake's. Jake's is, by all definition, a steakhouse.

    have been to the Rex once, and it was on a scorching summer evening and their ovens were out - they hadn't figured out a Plan B. not the best night by which to judge it, but what we did have was passable. don't know anything at all about the Granary.

    good luck! don't forget to report back.

    1. I stick with the small plates at Walker's, but Jake's and the Rex both have wonderful steaks, although their sides and presentation are less creative than the Granary. CJ's also has very, very good steaks in an elegant-casual kind of setting. None of these places are terribly fancy, but the Granary is definitely more formal than the others, in my opinion. Any of these places will give you a delicious meal.

      1. Thanks holdthecow and hj torrence.

        Looks like it will be either Jake's or The Rex. I'll probably check both out when I visit and then decide.