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Apr 30, 2009 04:12 AM

Summer Grilling!

Finally, the season for picnics and summer grilling is upon us! I could not be more excited. I am hosting a family picnic this coming weekend and I am looking for some great ideas on what I should serve. Anything you got, whether it is a grilled recipe (I will be handling all grilling duties), side dish, salad, dessert, drink, or any other favorite of yours would be awesome to hear about! So, what are some of your favorite picnic recipes?

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    1. Ground buffalo burgers!

      Shrimp skewers w/ Cajun spice

      1. I'm doing a taco party on Sunday for upcoming Cinco De Mayo -
        Char Grilled outer skirt steak, grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs. corn tortillas, five or six different salsas a great big bowl of spanish rice, beans, guacamole and chips. Might do up some tamales too, but I don't wanna waste them on the young kids - they won't appreciate them.

        Jarritos sodas - tamarind, sandia, and pina ONLY
        Margaritas for the older kids

        Desserts - good question. Good question indeed. Haven't gotten that far yet - so I'll have every one else figure it out. Where there's grilled skirt steak, desert is an afterthought for me.