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Apr 30, 2009 04:04 AM

Green coffee????

Hey all,

Does anyone know of a place to buy green coffee in town? bonus points if it's fair trade organic green coffee.

There are a bunch of places online but it would mean I would have to be patient.... and when you need a fix, you need a fix.


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  1. I'm sure that if you got in touch with some of the roasters in town, you could find one that will sell you a bag of unroasted beans.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      I talked to Toi, Moi, et cafe: no go. Santropol will not either. Being relatively new to Montreal can anyone make some suggestions of places that roast their own FTO coffee that might sell me some greenies?

      1. re: captainzap

        I wonder if Wild Beans on Monkland (corner Beaconsfield) will sell you some?

        1. re: captainzap

          Don't know if they have FTO (I think some of their beans may be), but try Brulerie St. Denis on St. Denis just south of Duluth - they roast all their beans. Another would be Les Trois Maries, about a block north of Brulerie (I believe they also roast their own, but again not sure if they have FTO)>

      2. Terra has "responsible" (UTZ certified) green beans.

        There are several purveyors in Toronto, most of whom do mail order. Don't know why green-beaning hasn't taken off here.

        That said, Okland-based Sweet Maria's would be my first choice if I were home-roasting. Huge selection of superb beans from small producers. Excellent cupping notes and roasting advice. Quick service (about one week to Montreal). No GST/QST or customs duties.

        Also, bear in mind that green beans will keep for months without deteriorating, years if vacuum packed and stored in the freezer.

        1. What do you do with the green coffee?

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            1. re: Anth

              Ha, gotcha. I didn't realize people did that at home. Is it worth all the trouble?

              1. re: mainsqueeze

                In my opinion, getting into roasting your own coffee is a lot like brewing your own beer (I.e. it;s only worthwhile if you want to end up with something better than is readily commercially available for a fraction of the cost). I do it because I am extremely particular about certain aspects of my 'food'.

                I roast in my small apartment size convection oven (really a toaster oven on steroids) and regularly have people happen to 'drop by' for a coffee....

          1. The little Iranian market 1 blk west of Akhavan's at Sherbrooke St. W at Madison sells a green Ethiopian coffe by the plastic bag full for around $8-10. I understand from them that they get a shipment in once a week from a wholesaler-roaster in Verdun so if you live in the area of NDG then you could ask at that market. The market may still be known as Zam Zam. I live down the street from it & shop there but can never remember if the name changed when the ownership changed.

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            1. re: JadeMyst

              I saw similar bags of Ethiopian green beans at la Branche d'Olivier in Verdun on Wellington, about 10$ I think. They're very close to the de L'Eglise metro station. Great little place for spices, bulk grains / flours, and more.

            2. There is an online Green coffee vendor situated in Montreal. They deliver free on the Island for any purchase over 30$. Search for Mon Café Vert on Google.