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Apr 30, 2009 03:48 AM

Lunching in Lambertville/New Hope [moved from Tristate board]

I am looking for a nice place to have lunch in and around this area this upcoming weelend. A place with a decent wine selection would be nice. We have eaten at Inn of the Hawke (decent), grazed at Marsha Brown (a little expensive but nice), Cafe Galleria (poor), Triumph Brewing (variable). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just a thought, any comments on Ship Inn in Milford NJ? Thanks.

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  1. Thaichile, there have been many discussions on this board concerning lunch in Lambertville. I suggest you do a search that goes back about three years. To find discussions about New Hope, you will have to search both this board and the Pennsylvania board.

    One place to consider is Bell's Tavern in Lambertville. It's an old school place about half a mile from Bridge Street. Not stylish but the food is good!

    1. To the point above, a link to an older chowhound post some suggestions right outside of New Hope and Lambertville if you want to take a short drive for lunch

      1. Hamilton's Grill is great, not sure if they do lunch, and there is a little bar next store called the boat house, margartias are great.

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          Believe Hamilton's recently started serving lunch on weekends.

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            Hamilton's has lunch in their Grill Room on weekends. I ate there yesterday and we had a great lunch. My wife had the seared tuna salad nicoise and it was great. I had the grilled panino with prosciutto, cheese, and tomato -- it was very good and huge. We also had some of the grilled flat bread with baba ghannouj and red pepper hummus - very good, as well. They've got a big shellfish raw bar, a great looking burger (that's what I'll order next time), and a great looking lobster roll (with just enough mayo to hold things together). The service was clearly learning on the job as the summer approaches, but they'll be fine with a little experience. They had indoor and outdoor seating.

            The Boat House is just a few steps away, but I was under the impression that you could only get drinks there. It opens at 4PM, so we made a note to return at another time to have a drink. It looked like a tiny, classic bar.