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Apr 30, 2009 03:46 AM

Sausage-Making Supplies

Hi all,
Does anyone know of any stores in Toronto that carry sausage making supplies? In particular, all the starter cultures and cures and casings and stuff? I've googled online, but so far all I've come up with are US companies.


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  1. There is minimal retail availability, and no specific store I'm aware of that can do it all.

    The major source is Canada Compound, north of Toronto. This isn't a retailer, though, so you'll need to call first. They may have what you want, but in a 50 gallon drum.

    Highland Farms has recently stocked the basic curing salt (from Canada Compound), lamb casings, beef casings, and hog casings at their meat counters. Ask someone and, if you are told no, talk to the meat manager. They don't have this stuff all the time and, when they do have it, much of the counter staff has no idea. It's more about their own sausage making operation, but they are willing to sell it.

    I've found that (it's in BC) has everything you might need. Their website is very disorganized, but it's all there (somewhere).

    For a retail store, you'd need to go to the Sausage Maker in Buffalo. They also have a website, but I think is better.

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      Another source nearby is Malabar in Burlington. I only know them by website, but they say there is is no minimum quantity for shipping. The site and the newsletter always have some interesting news or tips.

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        Looks like a great resource! I've never heard of Malabar before - thanks for the info!

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          Thanks to all for your help! It sounds like these will have exactly what I need :)

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          Yes, thanks...I didn't know about them. The reference information alone makes this site worth visiting. The site is much nicer, better designed, and better organized than either Stuffers or Sausage Maker.

          As a food hobbyist, though, I'm not sure Malabar will be very useful. While there is no minimum order, their products seem to be sized in industrial processing "units". They do not necessarily state their package sizes and absolutely nothing is priced. Only a small fraction of their products seem available as "Units for Small Meat Batches", with "small" defined as a "50 pound meat batch".

          I also got the sense, from looking at their formulas, that their products will give my deli that ineffable commercially processed meat flavour :-)

        3. re: embee

          I agree with embee about and their website. They have everything you need, but the site needs a major overhaul. It almost scared me away the first time, but they have everything and you don't have to deal with border issues. I've purchased #1 and #2 curing salts and starter cultures from them. They also sell artificial casings. I've managed to buy natural casings locally, from both Longos and Weston Produce.

        4. If you have a good butcher shop that makes sausage on site, they should be able to help you out... especially if you buy your meat from them.