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Apr 29, 2009 09:52 PM

Hey LA hounds.Where do you go for mariscos in the valley?

Ever since that first bite at Mariscos Chente in Inglewood, and their opening in Mar Vista, I'm ruined here in LA. I look for mariscos joints all the time,try new ones, and have found some excellent places around South Gate, Huntington Park, etc., but I only return to Chente's.Why bother elsewhere?

I used to go to Mariscos Colima in my area, but it's been a while. I would rather drive to Mar Vista from NoHo, or plan to hit MC on my trips heading that way. Mariscos Colima isn't bad.Others I've seen arounf the valley do the same plates badly, and then do the dreaded rice, beans, and seafood plates.Fries, kid's menus, carnes, or the normally destined for mediocrity mariscos and mexican food joints.

But, I now ask you for your input, without judgement.What are your "go to" mariscos places in the valley? What are they good at?Are they regional?If so, any specialties? What parts of the valley are lacking in good mariscos restaurants?

Thanks for your help and contributions in advance. Again, I'm only interested in seeing your suggestions. Occasionally it's 8:45PM here in NoHo and I might need a fix.Hoping there's something better than Mariscos Colima.

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  1. Have you tried San Fernando & Pacoima?

    A long time ago when I was in High School (got bused to Granada Hills)... if I ever missed the school bus, I would take the RTD back to San Fernando where there was a Pescado Mojado (quite good at the time for my level of taste bud maturity)... and I would have a Caldo Siete Mares or some Ceviche etc., then get on the bus that went down San Fernando Rd., all the way back to Lincoln Heights.... risk walking across three rival gang territories (not that I was a gang banger... but in the hood you have to hang with somebody... and a few times I had to jump into some brawls to keep the neighbors happy)... so it was always uneasy walking through Frogtown, Avenues & LHTS barrio ese... but the food was worth it.

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    1. re: Eat_Nopal

      Yeah, I actually have a couple of places up there, some I've tried and others are on the list to visit in the future. Pacoima, Arleta, Sylmar,Sanfer, and Sun Valley are no joke carnal.Not so much in Panorama City.

    2. No... it was always Colima for me.

      But I will tell you where NOT to go -- do not bother with the shockingly awful place in the strip mall on the NW corner of Coldwater and Sherman (same plaza as Pollo Mundial A La Leña, Pho 999 and the Baklava Factory). It is, to borrow a Yiddish word to describe Mexican food, chaloshes -- puke-making.

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        That would be Zamora Mariscos.Never been, but I can imagine.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          I thought the Yiddish word for puke making was Gefilte =)

        2. I've also been to Mariscos Costa Azul in Burbank, and took a look at the menu at Las Islitas, a Nayarit style restaurant.There's a place on Vanowen next to Mi Ranchito that is claims Sinaloan cuisine.

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          1. re: streetgourmetla

            driving down vanowen yesterday, i saw las islitas. how did the menu look? also, right near there is a place called something like Puebla Corona that seemed mariscos intensive from the outside. . maybe that's the joint you're talking about near mi ranchito.

            1. re: linus

              It has tipical Nayarit plates, some interesting items, and I believe Mexican food, non-mariscos.I had gone in looked at plates that were being served, saw the pictures in the menu with the rice, beans,etc.I plan to check it out at some point.

              Don't know Puebla Corona.Let me know if you go to either.

              Oh, the place next to Mi Ranchito was called Las Playitas, but is no more.It's now something else.Las Playitas Estilo Sinaloa didn't last very long.It was run by nice people, but very poor food, and not Sinaloan at all.

          2. And, Mariscos Los Arcos in Van Nuys with Sinaloa/Nayarit plates and national plates as well.This is mariscos and Mexican food.Haven't been here but have taken a peek.

            OK,little help! DU, always able to lend a hand in all parts of greater LA. Eat Nopal, still able to offer curent intel all the way from Hawaii! Where are the Valley peeps?

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            1. re: streetgourmetla

              There is a Mariscos place on Kester and Kittridge that ain't half bad. I forget the name

              1. re: Brussels Sprout

                Cool.Are you sure it's Kester and Kittridge?Could it be Victory and Kester or Vanowen? Kittridge looks residential.

                What did you like there?

                1. re: streetgourmetla

                  Oop, Kester and Vanowen. North East corner. I sorta like it all, to tell the truth. The family tha owns it should be sainted.

                  1. re: Brussels Sprout

                    Kester and Vanowen, NE corner? That used to be a Mission Burrito, is it not anymore?

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Yes, diagonally across from the DMV is the mariscos place that has been there for nearly two or thereabouts years. Have not tried it yet, though.
                      ps - DU, the Auto Club offices that used to be just south of DMV are also no longer there - Encino Ventura Blvd. now!!!

                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                        Hey Guys, Vanowen and Kester is Las Islitas. Mi Casita, a nice Salvadorean place is on the same intersection and Antojitos Latinos, a solid Colombian hole in the wall is across from the DMV in the strip mall.