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Apr 29, 2009 08:13 PM

Spectrum by night, City Hall by day - 2 meals?

Heading into town this weekend for a Dead show. We are staying downtown near City Hall. Looking for pre-show dinner late afternoon -- maybe 5-ish, and lunch the following day. Seems like the best cheesesteak option is Steve's, followed by John's. As far as killer Itlalian hoagies, Sarcones, maybe Cosmi's. I don;t have a clue as to where anything is though? Are these places in close proximity to our hotel. If we want to make a post-show run for a steak or hoagie, is anything on the way home and are they open late? Any other can't-miss suggestions? Obviously, we are not going to be in Tasting Menu mode by a far stretch, more down & dirty -- sandwiches, diner, etc. When I come back to town with my wife, I will hit you guys up about Talula's and Vetri, etc.! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not going to get John's they are open Mon - Fri 7 am (or so) til 3 PM (or so). Late night - on your way back from the Spectrum, you could likely hit Tony Luke's - about an mile out of your way, but open and a cab will likely take you! (Pats and Genos are also open late and only about 1/2mile off your route - but I don't go to either of them (and I live nearby)). At Tony Luke's get a cheesesteak but also try a Philly favorite Roast Pork with provolone and Broccoli rabe. I'm thinking if you are staying near city hall, and trying to be somewhat frugal, perhaps you are at the Marriott? If so you are directly across the street from the Reading Terminal Market (12th and Arch) - search this board, great cheap eats but more open on Sat than Sun. Sarcones is about 1 mile south of city hall (on the way to the spectrum) but about a half mile east, not open past 3 or 4 on Sat, 2 or 3 on Sun. Cosmi's is about a mile and a half south of city hall and a half mile east, and open til 9 Sat and 7 Sun. Dinners I'll leave to someone else - although again if you are at the Marriott, consider Chinatown, between 11th and 9th and Market and Callowhill, so nearby and open all the time. Favorites include Vietnam or Rangoon, inn addition to many actual Chinese places! Enjoy!

    1. Whenever any of my out of town friends are staying near City Hall, I usually send them to Monk's. Great food, better beer. The only drawback is it can get crowded. If it's mobbed, I tell them to skip it and go to the bar downstairs at Le Bec-Fin. No one has ever complained.

      And Tony Luke's is a no brainer if you are going to the Spectrum. Mark that down in ink.

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        Thanks for the tips! We're staying at The Ritz, actually. I'm thinking an early dinner at 5 -- maybe Monk's Cafe (Lyonnais looks great, too), then a post-concert snack at Tony Luke's on the way home -- would that be the E. Oregon Av. location? Then, Cosmi's or Sarcone's on Sunday for lunch.

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          Front and Oregon (Front st is "first street", Broad St would be 14th) Go to the stand on the north side, although there is a sit down right across the street

      2. you can get a terrific cheesesteak at Talk of the Town at Broad and Packer, just up the street from the Spectrum. They are open until 2AM, perfect for post show grub..

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          another vote for talk of the town (although it can be hard to get to). great great great cheesesteaks.

          also put me down for tony luke's, but i would stick to the roast pork there. better cheesesteaks can be held else where. if you do order a cheesesteak anywhere in the city, stay away from cheese wiz. its disgusting and only for tourists. real people from philly get theirs with provolone. (personally, i go provolone and fried onions). also, in my mind ketchup is on a cheesesteak is a mortal sin.

        2. lunch the next day: just walk over to the terminal. You can get a roast pork there at DiNics, Italian hoagies at Salumeria, whatever. And it's fun. And it's close.

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            Thanks for Talk of the Town -- great tip.

            What about Sunday brunch? How brutal is the wait at Morning Glory and what is the best time to get there before the lines really hit hard? ANy alternatives to MG, esp. downtown nr. the hotel. Gain, thanks.

            Oh -- one more thing. I assume the possibility of a cab near the Spectrum at midnight is impossible, but can someone affirm. I really don't want to drive if there is a more relaxing alternative...

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              If you are going right back to your hotel, you can take the Broad Street subway right back to it. (get off at Walnut-Locust stop) Just follow the herd of people though the parking lot. But be quick about it, the last train does leave around midnight but they usually will hold a train or two when there is an event.