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Fish tacos

I had a pretty tasty fish taco at Rudy's in Somerville recently. Any others to recommend before I go back there?

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  1. i've had decent ones at La Verdad, others haven't, but on my last two visits they were really good.

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      I ate at La Verdad at 6:30pm on a Friday night about 3 weeks ago and ordered the fish tacos. The waitress came back 5 minutes after we placed our order and told us they were out of the fish. I thought that was rather odd given the day of the week and the time of night. But I have had them there before and they are pretty good although not remarkable.

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        I had them at La Verdad and thought they were pretty good too.

      2. The late lamented fish taco at Cafe D in JP is about to be reborn at Dorados Tacos on Harvard in Brookline, at a space that used to be Ruth's Kitchen.

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            That IS super news! I thought those fish tacos at Cafe D were about as good as they get. Do you know when Dorados Tacos will open?

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                Thank you for the link -- missed it the first time around. Cemitas AND fish tacos? I'm already in love. I need to dial back my expectations NOW.

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                  I am looking forward to Dorado when I get over to that side of the river. :D

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                  Oh my! One look at that menu and I can't wait for great fish tacos! It looks very promising!

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                Very exciting! I'm surprised not to see more organ meats on the menu though (groan...)

              3. It has been several months since I had them, but the fish tacos at Angelas in East Boston were SO GOOD.

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                  I second Angela's as being very good and La Verdad as solid. I had the Fish Taco's at T-Rex Taqueria in Brookline Village the other day and thought they were pretty good. Not really a destination in my opinion but a solid neighborhood go-to.

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                    Wow, have they improved? I had some there a couple of months ago; dried out fish, not a lot of it, and not a lot of flavor....I've been opting for Mangia when I'm over there....

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                      I also tried them a few months back when they first started offering them I believe. They have improved quite a bit in my opinion. My main complaint initially was also that there was not alot of fish and it flaked up into little pieces. A couple days ago though, they were very flavorful and a noticeably more generous serving.

                      I still wish they wouldn't over steam the tortillas though, that problem has not been fixed.

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                        (Begrudgingly)...Well,maybe I'll try them again...But with the fish tacos at Dorados coming up, the competition is tightening up!

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                          I am also looking forward to Dorado opening up as well, and the fact that they have Cemitas on the menu will most likely steer me away from T-Rex if they are good.

                          As a side point has anyone tried the Fish Taco's at Lucky's?. I had them last weekend and enjoyed them, BUT I did spend the whole afternoon at the Puma Sailing event and then afterwards went to Drink, so lets just say I had a few beverages that day and when that happens my standards drop considerably (Yes, I'm talking about food here)

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                    A bunch of us had Angela's a couple of weekends ago & really liked them.

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                      I'm not good at deconstucting (in this case, Angela's fish tacos), but a picture can tell a good story...


                    2. One thing which I think would help the discussion on the board is that when people make recommendations about fish tacos, to at least say the style of the taco fried or broiled, fillings (eg baja, new wave, asian), and ideally the type of fish ... as all of these vary and when someone recommends some awesome tacos its hard to tell if they are what we really like. To my tastes we are lucky that more and more taquerias are doing fairly simple baja style tacos, although we recently lost Maria Bonita....

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                      1. I would not recommend La Verdad's fish tacos. They were very small, pretty expensive for what you got and quite ordinary. I was disappointed and do not plan to go back.

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                          I'm not an aficianado, but my partner REALLY enjoys the fish tacos at Picco. I believe they are lightly fried and drizzled with a delicious sauce..I think others must like them too as they used to be just a special at Picco and then became a regular menu item. Then I think they took them off the menu and now I think they're back on. So clearly others have expressed interest.

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                            I 2nd the Picco recommendation. They are back on the menu now as a special. Hopefully they'll move back to the permanent menu!

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                              Third on Picco, one of the few menu items there that will lure me away from their pizza.


                        2. I love love love the fish tacos at Green St on taco night (weds) -- sometimes it's also a special of the day under the heading "house fry."

                          They're delicately fried large-ish chunks of flaky white fish (type depends on what Dylan can lay his hands on that's good), with a really fresh cumin-laced slaw, inside warm corn tortillas. The flavor profile is really satisfying. Yum!

                          1. Ashmont Grill have good Baja-style fish taco. It's $10 bucks but it's huge.

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                                Not sure if it's traditional Baja style, since I don't know what that is, but Olecito has a baja shrimp taco that I love. It's lightly battered and fried shrimp, served with a cabbage slaw and a mildly spicy chipotle mayo-ish dressing. Fresh, crunchy, sweet and spicy all at once.

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                                  The google knows all.


                                  According to lore, Rubia's was the first place to do the Baja-style taco, characterized by very light tempura style batter, cabbage, pico, and crema as garnish.

                                  ETA: This NPR story has the history behind the Baja-style.

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                                    Rubio's... I remember having my first fish taco at the original Mission Beach location in San Diego after a good afternoon of volleyball in roughly 1990...

                                    Now it is a full blown chain: http://www.rubios.com/

                                    1. re: StriperGuy

                                      hey i was there too around then...would go to Rubio's after after-hours hikes on Cowles Mtn

                                      1. re: barleywino

                                        My brother lived there and introduced me to this funky little fish taco place. Also hit this ridiculous bar called the Red Onion, that place was nuts.

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                                          I just came back from there and gained 5 pounds from eating too much taco al pastor and fish tacos. Does Angela serves Baja style fish tacos? The ones at El Pelon were absolutely horrible-who puts rice and bean in a fish taco?

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                                            I've never had rice and beans in a taco from El Pelon-- they are (were) not quite the typical Baja style, since the cabbage is pickled instead of raw, but I've generally found them quite decent: fish freshly fried and not oily, refreshing contrast of the pickled cabbage and hot fish, and not too crema-ey/mayo-ey. Actually, in retrospect, they might be the best ones I've had on the east coast (?)

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                                              El Pelon actually did a pretty decent rendition when I tried it, no rice and beans.

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                                                I loved El Pelon's fish tacos. It never had rice and beans in it when I got it.

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                                                  el pelon had a fish burrito also which had rice and beans in it. I was good, but the el guapo was my favorite.

                                                  1. re: cochon21

                                                    Agreed! Those two choices were my rotation when I used to spend more time in the Fenway. Loved that place.

                                              2. re: StriperGuy

                                                Ralph Rubio is credited with bringing the fish taco from San Felipe, Baja Nort to San Diego. It was originally fried fish, usually dorado, as YY desrcibed above. Rubio's is a large chain and sources their fish, frozen from Alaska..not the quality it was in it's early days.

                                                Like many cuisines, it has changed over the years and includes grill fish, smoked marlin or most anything other seafood. Pickled cabbage is often offered in addition to plain cabbage. In the Baja, they're usually served as just the fish on a tortilla with an extensive salsa bar so you can customize it to your taste.



                                                I don't think I've seen rice and beans on a fish taco, getting into burrito territory.

                                                I haven't tried any of the local fish/seafood tacos but the menu at Dorados looks great.

                                        2. Not technically fish, but the shrimp tacos at Olecito are awesome. My meal at Ole was so bad I went across the street and got them. WOW... battered shrimp, chipotle mayonnaise, and cilantro pesto. Amazing combination and some of the best tacos I've ever had.

                                          1. I had the ones at Neptune last week and they were really good. It's a special on, I think, Sunday evenings. Three tacos in an order and it's different fish in each (my selection included Arctic char, don't remember the others). Fried I think and came with a coleslaw that you could pile on as a filling.

                                            1. While not cheap $23 or traditional , Neptune's Sunday special is now fish tacos. You get three grilled flour tortillas stuffed to the max with perfectly fried cod and skate drizzled with a spicy crema. A vinegary slaw and mint flavored carrots are served on the side.

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                                              1. re: phatchris

                                                Sounds delish, but its not a taco, to me, without a corn tortilla :)

                                                1. re: Trumpetguy

                                                  I agree, but bet that 90% of the clientele at Neptune would prefer flour..

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                                                    Don't you mean 2 corn tortillas? ;-)

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                                                      I personally prefer flour tortillas to corn.

                                                      Rubio's (CA based chain) who is generally credited with bringing the fish taco to the US offers both corn and flour.

                                                      Many taco places I've been to in the Southern Baja offer both. I posted some pics earlier on the thread.

                                                      I'm probably in the minority in preferring the flour and I'm fine with that.

                                                      My understanding is that flour is more popular in Northern Mexico and corn in the Southern regions.

                                                      1. re: 9lives

                                                        Another flour fan here....I know it's wrong....

                                                        1. re: galleygirl

                                                          It's like choosing your favorite child. You know in your heart you love flour more, but you have to say corn is great too. ;-)

                                                          I like them both, for real. A double corn tortilla taco makes me really happy and a flour quesadilla is a guilty pleasure I also enjoy.

                                                          1. re: yumyum

                                                            If I see a bag of flour tortillas on the shelf and a lady rolling out masa, the choice is obvious. There are also many lousy commerical corn tortillas. Usually, I axe the question if either are handmade. A couple of weeks ago in San Diego, I was asked 'corn or flour' and made the mistake of responding with a leading "Well, corn, right?" Fortunately, the proprietoress made a point of steering me back on track as the flour tortillas were a matter of pride for the kitchen. Big as a blanket, too:


                                                            It's always a crapshoot, though I do tend to think that commercial flour tortillas fare better than most commerical corn ones.

                                                            1. re: Nab

                                                              Yes, I agree....the worst example being WF corn tortillas. Positively the most coarsely textured, revolting corn tortillas I have had the misfortune of sampling. They replaced the "Maria and Ricardo" sublime ones with these. I definitely prefer corn for my fish tacos...but it has to be a *good* corn one!

                                                              1. re: Science Chick

                                                                I believe WF still carries Maria and Ricardo's; they're just sometimes sold out.

                                                          2. re: 9lives

                                                            Flour tortillas are my favorite too. I know that goes against conventional prep but the corn, to me, is off putting.

                                                            1. re: 9lives

                                                              I am talking FRESH corn tortillas!! The corn flavor adds SO much , for me :)

                                                        2. At the risk of having my chowhound credentials revoked, the VERY chain-y Margarita's does a pretty good fish taco. They are different than traditional fish tacos in that the tilapia has a bit of a crust on it. I attended a group function at the Margarita's in Waltham and the fish taco's were surprisingly decent.

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                                                          1. re: sushidad

                                                            Please leave your badge and fork on my desk before you leave!

                                                            I'm making a trip out west just for the fish tacos :)

                                                          2. This is a little removed from the city, but if you find yourself on the South Shore this summer, Hull's Kitchen on Nantasket Beach have the best fish tacos I have ever had aside from on the west coast! It's take out only but it's the perfect meal to take back to your beach blanket.

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                                                            1. re: aejmusic1

                                                              You should post this on the Hull thread. Is this place new?

                                                              1. re: galleygirl

                                                                Thanks I will! I'm new to the site... didn't even realize there was a Hull thread...

                                                              2. re: aejmusic1

                                                                I got them there last year. Very very good. They took a litle while to make because the owner, who was preparing them, acted like he really cared and not like it was a "fast food" type prep. While he was making them, we talked about how he decided to start this place. Even though it's a small take out place, you can tell he really likes what he's doing.

                                                              3. A plug for the fish tacos at Masa in Woburn.

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                                                                  Is the fish grilled ot battered?

                                                                2. I made the horrible mistake of getting fish tacos at both the Border (something--not Border Grill, not On the Border, but Border something, across from Burlington Mall). Either way, do not repeat my offense. I have to admit that I had just gotten to Boston and was having a craving. Bad idea.
                                                                  I hear Masa is really good and I will venture there.
                                                                  My personal key to a good fish taco is that batter needs to be light (beer batter is OK, but something more along the lines of tempura), the cabage needs to be crisp and taste of sweet lime as the acid and a good hand made tortilla. The pico de gallo has to have a bite to it. I am not a crema person, but most people do like the sauce.
                                                                  Rubios (NOT a fan) does offer both corn and flour tortillas so you do get to choose. I don't feel like there is a choice, but I'm stubborn that way.
                                                                  For the San Diego-philes on here, talk to me about Roberto's (not Norberto's or Ruberto's). Who do I have to kill to get some tacos like that here in New England?

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                                                                    Roberto or Albierto or Alberto 24 hours drive through are all pretty good. Rubio is $1 on Tuesday so I can't complain. Los Tacos in Oceanside deep fry the battered fish only after you order so it comes out fresh hot juicy crunchy. I have been searching and dreaming and trying different places here in Boston for the past 15 years to no avail. Keep dreaming my friend.

                                                                  2. I haven't tried them, but Cantina la Mexicana in Union Square, Somerville recently added them to their menu. I saw a photo on the wall. They are tilapia, I think, red and green cabbage, lime and chipotle cream. I believe the fish if tempura batter fried, but they'd probably grill it if asked since Carolina is so health conscious.

                                                                    1. I prefer that they contain some fruit like mango or pineapple. Nothing says summer more the fish tacos with mango salsa. I was also surprised that the Margherita's chain does have very tasty fish tacos at a reasonable price.