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Apr 29, 2009 07:33 PM

Dinner reco close to Coronado or airport

I have time for one dinner out in San Diego. I'll be staying around the Coronado and leave later that night on a red-eye. I'm looking for the one place I must eat at that has the best food. It can be a dive or fancy, i'm totally all about the food. Any and all reco's are appreciated. I won't have a car, so going too far from that area probably won't work, but can cab to any place in the general vicinity. Chowhounds don't let me down!!!

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  1. If you're on Coronado the two places I'd go are:

    Fine Dining: 1500 Ocean (at the Hotel Del)
    Casual: Burger Lounge

    1. Your post is unclear as to what area you want dinner in. Are you looking only for recs in/near Coronado (which could include taking a water taxi into the Gaslamp), or would you accept recs near the airport?

      If you are OK eating near the airport - try Starlite Lounge on India Street. Very short cab ride to SAN.

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        I meant either around Coronado OR close to the airport since i'll be getting on a flight. Sorry, I'm not familiar with San Diego at all. Thanks all!

      2. Near the Airport, I always tell people to go to Puerto La Boca on India. $5 from airport.

        Great Argentinian food.

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          Do they serve Argentinian beef at Puerto La Boca ? If you look on their webpage they never clearly write that they serve Argentinian beef but only beef prepared Argentinian style. I heard also from somebody else that the beef doesn't taste like Argentinian beef but just American beef.

          1. re: honkman

            I honestly don't know.

            But the place is damn good.

            Great pizzas, empanadas too.

            It really seems like a mix of like three types of restaurants you see in Buenos Aires.

        2. $$$ Coronado: 1500 Ocean
          $$ Little Italy: Enoteca Style (on the way to the airport on India St.)