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Apr 29, 2009 06:16 PM

ISO Pates du Fruits from Lafayette Gourmet

My husband and I were recently in Paris and bought some goodies at Lafayette Gourmet to bring home as presents. One of the items we bought was a Pates du Fruits. I know there are several kinds but this one came in a brown square box with a clear top. It had 5 different fruits (with 4 pieces of each type). The 5 fruits are pear, raspberry, orange, blackberry and apricot.

Okay - these were fantastic! Everyone who has tried them has raved about them and now my husband and I are kicking ourselves for not buying more than one box!

Please help us figure out the name of this brand of Pates du Fruits. And, if you know anywhere we might order them online. I have already checked out the Galleries Lafayette website and they do not offer online ordering.

Any suggestions / ideas??

Thanks in advance Hounds!

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  1. La Maison du Chocolat has 2 stores in NY, you can mail order pate du fruit them from their website.

    1. I haven't had those recently, but Payard in Manhattan has wonderful ones, and I'm pretty sure they do mail order.

      1. Leonidas has good ones as well, molded into the shape of the fruits. And Jacques P├ępin's book Chez Jacques (2007) has recipes for raspberry and apricot ones which I have been intending to make but haven't gotten around to.

        1. Thanks for the great suggestions! I will look into all - although, the recipes from Chez Jacques may wait a while....