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Apr 29, 2009 06:12 PM

In Search of Deep Fried Apple Pie

This is probably a really stupid question for any food community outside the Deep South. Has anyone encountered a place in the DC metro area that makes deep-fried apple pie?

For those who have never experienced one, a deep fried apple pie is a pocket pie that has been fried - not baked. I've found these all over the South. (Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and South Carolina.) They are really yummy. These are one of those things that I have NEVER seen around here.

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  1. Didn't they used to serve them at Dixie Bones? Maybe they still do?

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    1. re: Transplanted Texan

      Dixie Bones does "fried" apple pie, which is to say, they bake them, I don't know if that's good or bad, but if you're in Woodbridge, there are plenty of really tasty reasons to stop by: homemade pies, brownies and bread pudding with caramel sauce ;-)

      1. re: monavano

        Thanks Monavano! I don't need any persuasion to go to Dixie Bones...even if its a good bit off my beaten path. They make great pie!!

        Do they still do the Sunday BBQ brunch?

        1. re: Sean D

          As far as I know, they do. ribs on the buffet. I was thinking of your post last night when I ate there. DH and I were kinda in the area, and I got a huge hankering for Dixie Bones! When I read the menu and saw "Fried" Applie Pie, I thought "aha!".
          We went away with bread pudding and caramel sauce to eat at home...wonderful. I think next time, I'll try to make it on a Thursday when they serve Lemon Chess Pie.
          BTW...their ribs....gooooooooooooooooooood!

          1. re: monavano

            The Lemon Chess Pie is my favorite at Dixie Bones. I remember many years ago that they had an all you can eat rib special in the middle of the week. (Then again, that was also in the day when you could get Dixie Chips on Sunday BBQ brunch...and I know they stopped that a long time ago.)

      1. re: Jacey

        He's have to use a time machine to go back to 1992 since that's when MickeyD's started baking their pies instead of deep-frying them. A sad year in American gastronomic history.

        1. re: Jacey

          You know, Jacey....if I could get McDonalds old deep fried apple pies, I'd actually be pretty happy. Those things were actually incredibly good. I remember even 17 years later how that nice, thin, crispy crust would be covered with hundred of little, crisp blisters, The filling was lucious and piping hot. Treetop Tom is right...1992 was a very sad year, in that regard.

          1. re: Sean D

            Here's another idea that will fill this horribly bad for you dessert, and as my friend refers to it, "White Trash Food," go to CVS into the snack area. Look for the Entemann's single serving pie, purchase for about $0.75 and warm it up at home.

            1. re: Jacey

              No way! It has to be deep fried...for the crispiness. (Think an apple pie in a wonton skin...or even a standard pie crust with a crispy edge.

              1. re: Sean D

                They are in the individual packages--basically a replica of the McD's version.

        2. why not whip up some pate brisee, some sliced apples and spices and make your own?

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          1. re: onocoffee

            Too much work/mess for just two people, Onocoffee. (I was thinking more along the lines of venturing out to have some quick dessert.) Thanks for the suggestion.

          2. If a McDonald's style fried pie is what you are craving, you should get to your local Popeye's. They do a fried apple pie. I have heard that the McD's in Wal-mart(s?) fry their apple pies because they do not have space for an oven.

            Fried apple pie + Dulce de Leche ice cream = Bliss

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            1. re: amethiste

     are a woman after my own heart! YES...the best use for Haagen-Daz dulce de leche is apple pie. No question about it. Thanks for the advice. I'm dropping by Popeyes!

            2. Pick up an apple pie of your choice and swing by Eamonns in Old Town towards the end of the night when they aren't too busy. Order a few Guinness and some fish and chips. When you are finishing up, order a few more pints as well as some deep fried candy bars (1 Milky Way and 1 Snickers). At this point, pull the apple pie from where you are keeping it and kindly ask the gentleman at the cash register to drop it in some of their delicious batter for a quick fry. I've convinced them to do a Cadbury egg before, so I think your odds are decent.
              Worst case scenario they say "No" and you will have already had a delicious meal, a couple proper pints, and the deep fried candy bars will be on the way!

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              1. re: gregb

                Gregb, you're a genius, man! Even if it doesn't turn out the way I want, this is definitely one of those experiences you remember!

                1. re: Sean D

                  Why not just fry it up yourself?

                  1. re: huesmann

                    I'm looking for a place to do it for me, H. (As in eat out...let them clean up the mess.) I'm sure I could make something good, but making crust, coring/slcing apples, form pocket pies, heating up oil, cleaning up spatter, cleaning out the deep fryer/pan is too much work for just a couple of people.

                    1. re: Sean D

                      Have you tried KFC? Up in my neck of the woods some of the stores have them, some don't. They are really good - not as good as Mickey D's used to be but almost.