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Apr 29, 2009 05:46 PM

Places to eat near 9 Beaches in Bermuda???


My wife and I are heading to Bermuda in July for our 10th anniversary. First time there. We will be staying at 9 Beaches. We were going to go all inclusive but we would be getting charged for 4 days and actually only being there 3 days that we could use it is - not worth it financially ($1012 for 6 total meals exclusing free breakfast - no deal...)

So here's the quesiton - is there anything worth it or reasonable in that part of Bermuda. I hear it is quite a hike from the Hamilton area. We'll be getting a bus/ferry pass, but wonder if there is anything nearby worth it. Do markets sell anything worth buying/eating for lunch? Any small places/shacks? Places to get a pint and bar meal....decent fish sandwich? Not interested in fancy places this time around and never interested in generic food.

Is there any hope or just $25 burgers and $13 Dark and Stormy's in my future? I have to be able to eat for less than $168/meal with my wife (that would be the cost per meal average for all inclusive package).

I have 3 lunches and 3 dinners to figure out.

Thanks again for any help.

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Just passed your neck of the woods in Feb. heading from Wormtown to PVD. Wow, what a fast ride now with the new road.

    I know of no restaurants in that area aside from a few small places. Dockyard, IMHO has nothing great. I defer to Athena who will no doubt jump in. I miss Lantana. Maybe Pompano? It is surprising the hotel will not accommodate your needs.

    1. We had a good meal (not outstanding, but good) at the Freeport restaurant, just inside the gates at Dockyard. For local Bermudian food, try Traditions, 2 Middle Road, a short bike ride away (it's cash only, though). I'd avoid the Salt Rock Grill (the staff pay far more attention to the drinkers in the bar than to the diners in the restaurant) and the rest of the restaurants in Dockyard.

      1. In the Dockyard area, the ONLY restaurant worth visiting is Freeport. We like their Bermuda fish chowder (don't forget to add the sherry pepper sauce and Black Seal rum to it), as well as their fish sandwich (I think the sandwich is only available at lunch). My husband likes their curried mussels.
        Me? I'd take the ferry to St. George's, then the shuttle up to Blackbeard's Hideout near Fort St. Catherine (or you could walk---pleasant, but all uphill). Views are spectacular---this may well be the best place on the island to watch the sunset. Prices are NOT inexpensive, but at least you'll feel like you got your money's worth. We like to go for lunch, when prices are a bit lower. The fish chowder here is also very good. Lots of well-prepared fish dishes. If they have rock fish, get it. By the way, if you like to snorkel, bring your gear with you. There are nice changing rooms at Blackbeard's, and the snorkeling is outstanding in Achilles Bay, just down the steps.

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        1. re: Anne

          Thanks, I think the Dockyard is about 4 miles away from 9 Beaches (is there a bus?, do I need to take I taxi?). Sounds like nothing else closer? Worth wandering around to look for something?

          Couldn't find any information on Traditions anywhere only...

          Blackbeard sounds like a hike, but cool.

          Thanks for the help and any other tips on eating/getting around to eat in general.....without all inclusive looks like I will be picking up Rum and Ginger Beer myself and finding a bucket of ice....ha.

          Any decent pubs near 9 Beaches stopping in?

          1. re: Anne

            Anne, I did not know there is a ferry to St. George's from Dockyard? Wow, what a cool ride that must be. How long did it take? Mark, the ferry to Hamilton from your neck of the woods is not too far. Enjoy...

            You may want to read Trip Advisor today as there are some pretty current posts about 9 Beaches. I am caribchakita on the forum, FYI.

            1. re: phelana

              Thanks again everyone. I have read every post on Trip Advisor (there are over 200), they are just a little light on food info. Most people ate at the Resort or at some of the higher end places - neither scenario is really what I am looking for.

              I will be in Hong Kong for business the first 2 weeks of June. Much easier there, walk around the corner and pay $4 USD for a pile of roasted pig and rice, ha.

              ps - phelana - I grw up in worcester and work in Rhodle Island...small world that you were in my area in February....rt. 146 is what you must be referring's a striaght shot south into Rhodle Island....

              1. re: markadamowicz

                Nine Beaches is pretty much the back of beyond here, which is really nice for chilling out, but not so good if you're hungry and want somewhere really close by. I don't usually recommend visitors renting scooters, just because I worry...but it would be helpful just to get to Dockyard to get a ferry. I agree that Freeport Gardens is fine, as is Beethoven's for lunch - you'll be able to get a ferry to town for lunch and dinner - and taking the ferry all the way to St George's is lovely.

                If you want more detailed info let me know and I'll give you my e-mail.

                1. re: Athena

                  that would be great, my email is

              2. re: phelana

                phelana, we usually stay in St. Georges when on Bermuda, but I got this info from the website:
                "Orange Route (Comuter Route) - This schedule is Monday to Friday only - No Saturday/Sunday service. This is a seasonal service operating from mid-April to mid-November from Dockyard to St. George's (Orange Route, $4 each way)."
                I would strongly recommend a ferry ride---great way to see the island for such a low cost!

                1. re: Anne

                  since I will be there all of sat/sun/mon, I did a little more research and aha - looks like I will be taking that ferry to Blackbeard and eating some rock fish on saturday night:


                  1. re: markadamowicz

                    Mark go early and hang out in St. Georges. It's a cute little town. Dining not so great IMHO but the streets are charming. What time does the ferry stop? The taxi back would be $$$.

                    I share Athena's concerns about scootering IF you are not confident. I took my Mom in 90 to Bermuda for my first trip, her 5th. We rented a scooter the entire time with me driving. It was a little shakey at first but we did great. Since I have been 20+ times and always rent a scooter. We drive at night, day, traffic,'s all good. Of course I am very careful and do not drink and drive. I admit I don't love driving in Bermuda rush hour traffic in Hamilton.

                    1. re: phelana

                      I own a Vespa myself here in the states, but I will probably pass on renting and stick to the buses and ferries...we have 3 children who will not be travelling with us and don't need to take unneccesary risks driivng around...

                      9 beaches to the dockyard - how far is this.....I assume we would take a taxi?

                      Sounds like we will head over there for a few of the meals...

                      Next question - any way to tell if something I am eating is actually from Bermuda or not?

                      1. re: markadamowicz

                        9 Beaches to Dockyard is not that far. My guess is about 5-10 minutes by taxi. That part of the island is not very busy with traffic generally so renting a scooter would be much easier and cheaper and I only say that because you are a scooter rider already. Otherwise, I'd say don't do it. Have seen too many accidents involving tourists.
                        Ferry between Dockyard and St. George's. I think the paper recently announced that they'd be adding more runs to accomodate the cruise ships in Dockyard. Mark, would suggest a search on the Royal Gazette for that article as well to confirm availability of sailings. Otherwise, try the ferry to Hamilton and then catch a bus to St. George's. It's a nice scenic ride, perfect pace for a vacation.
                        Most of the food that you're eating is likely to be imported aside from the fish. Just ask, they'll tell you if it's local or not.
                        Dockyard's also has the Frog & Onion pub for casual pub grub. Nothing outstanding but is nice if you've got a craving for something casual.
                        And if you have a craving for a spot of curry (or anything Indian), East Meets West at the Golf Academny driving range in Southampton could satisfy your craving. Atmosphere is not a high selling point but it's someplace different.
                        Ah, please don't mention roasted pig and rice, I so miss sharing tables in Hong Kong and cheap fast tasty food. :o)

                        1. re: bdachow

                          I agree with Bdachow, you would be OK as an experienced Vespa rider to rent one for getting around the west end. Beethoven's at Dockyard is OK too. Personally I find Frog and Onion kind of depressing - but that's just me.
                          By the time you get here in July there won't be much on the local produce scene available - too hot - and no guarantee that the fish will be local either, but that's another story.

                          1. re: Athena

                            Thanks agian for all the info....I will probably pass on the scooter and stick to ferries and buses and taxis. Riding back to the hotel at night on unfamilliar roads with my wife on the back and rum in my system = trouble!

                            Good - I think a plan is starting to come together. Friday night I won't get to the hotel until 9:30pm or so and will most likely grab something quick from the bar at 9 beaches.

                            Saturday - breakfast at the hotel (free), take a walk to the grocery store and get some snacks, saturday afternoon probably a sandwich from the bar/somehwere close and back to the beach and saturday after beach head over to the dockyard and take the ferry over to St. George's - maybe Blackbeard's....

                            sunday - maybe lunch/dinner in the dockyard area, check out the brewery or maybe Freeport Gardens for dinner.

                            Monday - play it by ear based on what I see the previous 2 days. Since I am an anglophile - most likely pints and some sort of meat pie or curry will be in the plan

                            Any other 'must try advice'....seems like seafood chowder, fish sandwiches and various rum drinks are the way to go....simple stuff...I will be avoiding anything resembling 'american food' if I can help it

                            1. re: markadamowicz

                              Mark, I have to say, I am a foodie obviously and love Bermuda. Have been over 20 times. Once I was there 3 times in one year. In the early 90's it was so cheap and easy to fly USAir there for under 200.00 . Having said that, we have stayed at The Reefs many times and do the MAP dining around. The choices are less than they were years back but we find the food at The Reefs top notch. Get there if you can.

                              We stayed in St. Georges last as my cousin sailed in single handed and we wanted to celebrate. We dined in St. G and in town and could NOT find anything that blew us away. We must have hit it bad. Lobster Pot in town was mediocre at best. We went to Island Cuisine on Middle Road to find local eats and were disappointed with the offerings. The rockfish was so so.

                              I am not a fan of Bermuda fish chowder but would recommend it as well as a Bermuda breakfast if you can find it. Not sure really what else to recommend. There is a Portuguese and West Indian community that has certainly influenced the island's cuisine but IMHO the British and US influence is stronger in the cuisine department. Afternoon tea is always on the top of our list. Athena can suggest the best places now as ours, Waterloo is closed perhaps for tea?

                              We go to Bermuda not for the food experience but for Bermuda itself. IMHO other islands are far more satisfying in the food department (Anguilla for one). Having said that, we always return to The Reefs and cannot say enough about their menu and cuisine.

                              I concur with Athena about Frog and Onion. Same with Hog Penny but others will disagree. Find your own little places and write back soon.

                              1. re: phelana

                                For afternoon tea, Waterloo is now gone. Try the Hamilton Princess or Elbow Beach if you're interested. I found the sandwiches were only ok at the Princess (bread was too dry) but the scones and cream were wonderful.

                                Yes, unfortunately the Frog & Onion is slightly cave like. The Hog Penny (in Hamilton city) is also quite dark as well but recreates the ambience of an old pub quite well.

                                Island Cuisine is decently close (all relative) but like phelana says, it's more diner food/greasy spoon than anything else and only ok. They would serve a typical Bermuda breakfast (salted codfish, potatoes, fried banana/plantain) but be prepared to be full. It's quite hearty.

                                Friday night, not sure if you're up for a little action but town is probably your best bet for a lively happy hour crowd.

                                Completely agree with phelana that Bermuda is not about the food. It's decent but for the prices we pay here, it's highway robbery. I can pay just as much in New York and food is outstanding. *sigh*...

                              2. re: markadamowicz

                                Mark, I think you're smart to pass on the scooter rental, for all the reasons you mentioned, AND because driving is on the LEFT!
                                There are few bargains to be had on Bermuda, but the bus/ferry pass is the best. The bus drivers are friendly (be sure to greet them when you enter their bus!) and very helpful. If you're unsure of where your stop is, just ask when you get on. He/she will let you know when you get there. I'd be very surpised if there isn't a bus stop near 9 Beaches. The hotel staff will be able to tell you where/when to catch it.
                                I agree with the others that Frog & Onion Pub is overrated and somewhat depressing. You'll get a better burger at home.
                                I also agree that MOST of the dining in St. George's is disappointing. But I think you'll find Blackbeard's to be what you're looking for. Yes, it is a hike to get there, but remember to enjoy the journey!
                                If you have a grocery store nearby, you might want to pick up some picnic items (along with the ginger beer and Black Seal rum :-) ) for lunch one day. While prices even at the grocery stores are high, it will be less expensive than a restaurant, and your hotel room probably has a great view! We were able to pick up some delicious Stilton cheese and good bread the last time we were there.
                                Since you mention you are an Anglophile, be sure to check the biscuits (cookies to those of us from the U.S.!) and sweets (candy) selection. My husband, who grew up in England, is always charmed to find his boyhood favorites in those sections! The drug store in St. George's---Robertson's---has a very wide selection of treats imported from England.
                                Bermuda fish chowder is probably the most "local" dish you'll find on the island. Each place makes it just a bit differently, but I don't think I've ever had a bad one. But they are usually all (fin)fish---if you're expecting cioppino or boulabaisse (sp?), you'll be disappointed.

                                1. re: Anne

                                  afternoon tea at the Princess last I looked was over 40 USD pp!!! IMHO that is highway robbery.

                                  Anne, we always shop before we head back to get our English goodies: Lyle's Golden Syrup, Branston Pickle on and on..yes, I can get it stateside but it's more fun to buy in BDA.

                                  1. re: phelana

                                    Perfectly understand you not wanting to rent a bike - I was just thinking of it as a daytime thing to get you to the ferry. It is lovely walking around where you will be staying, it's still quite rural old Bermuda; and as you get closer to Dockyard you will se mote and more of the Royal Naval influence in the buildings.

                                    I don't know about the the Princess for afternoon tea - to me it just doesn't cut it - it's too grand a setting and just not Bermudian to me like Waterloo House was.

                                    This can probably be said about anywhere, but there is definitely a gap between what the visitor experiences as 'the food of Bermuda' and what we Bermudians experience. We'll go out to places in town or to The Reefs, etc. for a 'nice dinner', but we know the best meals to be had are a)those we have with our friends at each other's homes or b) a really good fish sandwich from the back of town, or what the women at Lindo's are dishing up as we stop there after work - that's just my opinion though!

                                    1. re: Athena

                                      Re afternoon tea: Is that still offered at Gibb's Hill Lighthouse? We went many years ago and found it very enjoyable. Such a wonderful setting/view and I seem to remember reasonable prices. Is it still good? Still reasonable?

                                      1. re: Anne

                                        Gibbs Hill Lighthouse has been bought by the owners of Primavera...they have renovated and just announced the opening today! So who knows what is on the menu now. I am can't wait to check them out!

                                      2. re: Athena

                                        These are fantastic posts and exactly why I am on chowhound (do a search for Mark Adamowicz and you will see some of my other food enquiries as well as some good advice on Hong Kong).

                                        I am going to Bermuda to chill out for a few days, eat in shorts and flips flops, see a little of what's left of British influence in the Carribean and have a few decent meals. I'm not expecting to have the meals of my life, but rather trying to avoid having overprices bland meals. I'll leave that to the tourists who don't put any time into asking questions.

                                        As a life long summer visitor to Cape Cod (and resident for 8 or 9 summers and a weekend visitor these days), I know everything tastes better with a little salt in the air. (my parents literally have a tony cottage in a place called "Salt Air Village at the Cape)

                                        I get what you say completely about the "nice dinner" and "best meals". Most of the best meals of my life have involved cash (as in cash only places) and very little of it compared to even the average chain restaurant.

                                        a really good fish sandwich from the back of town - that is what I am looking for.

                                        1. re: markadamowicz

                                          First thing to remember is that we're not in the Caribbean;) Go to Commissioner's House at the Maritime Museum in Dockyard for a crash course in our varied history.

                                          When my son was little we'd stay with friends on Cape Cod ever summer - loved it.

                                          Come back and post closer to when you're coming and I'll see if I can hook you up with a fish sandwich when you're here :-)

                                          1. re: Athena

                                            The shorts will work generally..not flip flops...haa..

                                            I know Salt Air Village..brings back memories of Old Wharf Road as a teen. Many changes down there.

                                            I was on Court St. once and got some great Jamaican food. Can't remember the name. Also by Par de Ville Park there is a lovely lunch spot Lemon something. Athena?

                                            1. re: phelana

                                              Yes, now the Cape is part of my kids life (twin 7 year olds, and a 3 year old - all girls). Old Wharf Road indeed, you probably remember Sundae School for Ice Cream?

                                              Ok, sorry about the Carribean comment, rookie mistake (just had that in my head since I am using American Airline miles to fly there and I remember the term "Caribbean inlcuding Bermuda and the Bahamas")

                                              No flip flops, eh? Hmmmm....

                                              I may actualkly have to bring my laptop down if only to keep in touch on this board as I am there!

                                              I cooked soem goat last weekend, I have seen goat on a couple of the online menus I have been checking out....

                                              1. re: markadamowicz

                                                Phelana, the place by the park is Lemon Tree. It's a nice lunch spot with tables and chairs out back in the park. I've heard decent things about their mussel pies but have yet to make it there on time to actually score one (must remember to call ahead one day to set aside).

                                                Court St might have been Jamaican Grill.

                                                Back of town is a great place to get some great food for inexpensively. Definitely a shorts, t-shirt and flip flops places but the ladies in the office seem very concerned about me wandering up that way by myself (i.e. Art Mel's), even in the middle of the day (random disturbances during the day?) so have tended to stay away until I can find an intrepid male dining partner which is hard to come by, not everyone shares the love of food! Oh well....have heard interesting things about Fish & Tings & Parkside. Worth a visit you think?

                                                1. re: bdachow

                                                  Fish & Tings looks exactly like the type of place I am talking about (I found the menu online). Only an hour or so form the hotel door to door though, ha. Will have a better idea once I am there trasnit times to get around. Luckily, I will have lots to look at out of the window on the way to and from places.

                                                  Is this lemon tree?

                                                  I'm usually pretty good with eating in seedy/less than touristy areas. I can't tell you how many time I've walked into places in hong kong as the only white guy in the place and ordering by pointing and giving some cash. Roasted pork hanging in the window seems to need to english to order...Chinatown in Boston was not always the family safe area it is these days as well...

                                                  and I found the following from athena on another post that looks interesting since I have been a Bourdain fan for years:

                                                  "I'd take Anthony Bourdain to Art Mel's Spicy Dicy for a fish sandwich on raisin bread, and the Black Horse in St David's for shark hash and another fish sandwich."

                                                  1. re: markadamowicz

                                                    Court St. is said to be seedy by some. It did not bother me. I wanted some patties and Ting and was married to a West Indian so went over for a fix. I am not privy to the recent situation in that area so defer to locals who are in the know. If you find fruit cake in the local bakeries or lovely scones, grab some. Wow...

                                                    Mark, I live in flip flops. I have about 20 pairs of Havainas but would never wear them in BDA aside from at the beach or going to the beach. I tend to dress up more on this island than I do any other. That's just me. Town is not a casual kind of beach wear place although when the cruise ships come in it's a mix of Bermuda shorts and snappy dresses with t shirts and fat cruise ship tourists..giggle...

                                                    1. re: phelana

                                                      Good advice, I actually only was going to pack flip flops....very causal vacation (although I swore them off 2 years ago, my luggage was lost on the way to china once and I spent the first 4 days in only Crocs).

                                                      I love scones.....and patties sound like what I am looking for.

                                                      Funny, I will be there only three 24 hour days outside of flying to and from - but figure the only real way to relax is to plan every minute and then vary from the plan as needed....usually the way I work.

                                                      OK, lot of food talk, but how about drinks. Are99% of the rum drinks for suckers or are the dark and stormies really good. I figure the more locally prodyced drink the better....maybe the reason I actualkly want to seek out the brewery on the island....fresh fresh beer...

                                                      1. re: markadamowicz

                                                        There is a micro brewery on island and you used to be able to tour it. I do not drink beer, only stout so cannot comment. I am not a fan of dark and stormy's but I have a bottle of Gosling's Black Seal rum at my house for making BBQ sauce and fruitcakes. I do love rum swizzles though..hmmmm...

                                                        BDA is great for 3 full days..perfect. I once went for 2 full days for business. It was a treat.

                                                        1. re: markadamowicz

                                                          You will notice that people tend to dress up here a bit more especially going to grocery stores. If you plan on having any meals in a restaurant, I'd pack something more than flip flops. A set of leather sandals is good.

                                                          Court St is fine during normal hours, I wouldn't be wandering around after 10pm though. The "trade" comes out a bit more.

                                                          Ah Art Mel's Spicy Dicy. Not sure what their hours but my guess is they're open on Monday. And they open at 12 for lunch. If you read my other comments about the area, you can kind of get a feel for the area but if you stick to going around lunch time, it should be ok. Not sure there are any buses in that area (it's pretty tight) so try grabbing a cab from town. They should be able to take you there but be prepared to wait unless you call ahead. Ask any locals (not ex-pats), they should be able to run you down the menu. Favored methods of eating are on raisin bread with tartar sauce and hot sauce or raisin bread and coleslaw. Be warned that the thing is huge and will induce a food coma afterwards!

                                                          Drinks...dark & stormy's are the drink. They use Barritt's ginger beer which is a local beverage (slightly different from Jamaican ginger beer so I've been tol). Rum swizzles (fruit juice and rum) are tasty and go down very wary! The local Gosling's rum is a dark rum and tends to be a bit sweeter.

                                                          And yes, it is the same Lemon Tree. ALthough the owners are now changed. Lee & JC now own and run Beau Rivage (at the Newstead hotel). The kitchen staff still remain the same at Lemon Tree. It's a nice place to grab an inexpensive lunch and you can picnic in the attached park.

                                                          1. re: bdachow

                                                            Hours update on Art Mel's (after some consultation with the ladies from the office).

                                                            Closed Sunday Monday. Open noon to 10pm.

                                                            1. re: bdachow

                                                              Happy Mother's day to all...

                                                              Unfortunately, looks Like I may not make it to Art Mel's since they are closed 2 of the days I will there and Saturday night I will most likely make my way to Blackbeard's....

                                                              I ike the idea that Lemon Tree is near a park. I've had some of the most memorable meals of my life picnic wife and I backpacked aorund europe after we got engaged and had a simple picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower on our day through Paris. If the weather cooperates, you really can't beat it. Plus, it is hard to spend $150 on a take-away meal!

                                                              I tend to stay away from Hotel Restaurants, but any good Hotel bars worth sticking my head into?

                                                              1. re: markadamowicz

                                                                Hotel bars are overpriced and over rated, spent $28 for two drinks at Jasmine lounge at Fairmont Southampton...

                                                                1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                                                                  Totally agree on the hotel bars. However, you'll be quite close to Cambridge Beaches and a drink on the terrace there might be worth it. In Bermuda you have the large hotels and then you have the cottage colonies like CB which have been around since the 1930s and are like going to someone's very nice home. Sadly, there are aren't many left.

                                                                  Lemon Tree is closed on the weekend I'm afraid.

                                                                  1. re: Athena

                                                                    I've had two recent not good reports on Blackbeard's - Bdachow, BGG - either of you been there recently?

                                                                    1. re: Athena

                                                                      Athena, I was there about 2 weeks ago and had dinner there. Sunsets are of course excellent. 3 of us ordered the rockfish and I'd have to say it was very good. Perfectly cooked and seasoned, very nice. In fact, my husband had rockfish at Port O Call a couple days later and he said the rockfish was better at Blackbeard's then at Port O Call. Mind you it wasn't anything fancy, just a plain lemon butter sauce and steamed veggies (not overcooked thank goodness). Another had the seafood bowl (appie on the menu) and it was very large for an appetizer. Served in a large bread bowl, was more bread than seafood but there was no complaints in the flavor department.

                                                                      We were there on a Sunday evening and it wasn't super busy, service was attentive.

                                                                      1. re: bdachow

                                                                        OK - that's good to know - and I think the less you do to rockfish the better. I didn't post anything after the first bad report, but after the second one I did. I figured if someone was going to trek all the way from the west end they should know it might not be a sure thing.

                  2. Hi! I found your post when researching the same thing - how to eat decent food and keep costs down while staying at 9 Beaches in July. It was starting to seem like by the time I spend so much money just getting to another part of the island, wherever I end up won't seem like such a bargain and won't even be that good. Did you ask the hotel for menus with prices? I just did that and was sent them promptly. Surprisingly, the food prices are completely reasonable! (I live in NYC). Happy to send them to you if you like. Burgers aren't $25 - they are $12. And many other equivalent options it seems. So I am no longer planning to venture outside the resort for food. let me know if you want me to email you the menus!

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                    1. re: amersfalafel


                      OK, back from business trip to Hong Kong (my 10th, I gained 13 lbs and ate like a, better and tastier each time).

                      I'd definitely love to get any information on 9 Beaches you can send email is

                      any other general suggestions in addition to all above would be great as well.....

                      mark adamowicz

                      1. re: markadamowicz

                        Hi friends,

                        Gertting down to crunch time. Leaving Friday of next week.

                        Any last minute recomendations in addition to above? I know this is a food only website, but I'll ask anyway...any MUST DO activities? "Secret" beaches worth seeking out. I will probably get a bus/ferry pass...any tips on that?

                        I will eat at 9 beaches for breakfast and lunch on saturday and hang out around there....but think I will try to get the ferry over to St. George's Saturday night and eat at Blackbeards.....sunday and monday are wide open.....

                        Thanks as always....

                        Mark Adamowicz

                        1. re: markadamowicz

                          Not much changes around here so I think all the original discussions still apply. Will keep fingers crossed that the weather behaves as it's been pretty spotty lately.

                          As for must do activities, I'd recommend going out to Warwick Long Bay, it's one of the prettier beaches in my opinion and less heavily trafficked than some of the others. If you're into snorkeling and a fairly strong swimmer, perhaps heading to Church Bay in Southampton wouldn't be a bad option. Either that or Tabacco Bay in St. George's would be nice as well.

                          Check the ferry schedule for St George's, not sure how often it runs and make sure you get to Blackbeard's in time for sunset, you don't want to miss it.

                          As for the fish sandwich, I think the Fish Hut on Court St (in Hamilton city) would be your best bet if you're really game for it. Go for lunch when there's more people around. And Monday, you can wander around town as shops will be open and it's more lively, plus then you can always have the option of a picnic at the park next to Lemon Tree, if that catches your fancy.

                          Good luck and if you need further info, keep posting!

                          1. re: bdachow

                            Hitting the Fish Hut tomorrow...CAN'T WAIT!

                            1. re: bdachow

                              Thank you.

                              We've had rain in the Boston area for almost 30 days straight. This is ridiculous.

                              I think I can get a Ferry to St. George's Saturday night in time for sunset....

                              Thanks for the beach recommendations...


                              1. re: bdachow

                                Some good advise from bdachow. Except, I wouldn't waste precious time on Bermuda shopping. There is little to be found that you won't find at home, usually at a better price. Possible exception is Marks & Spencer on Reid Street. They have a wonderful selection of upscale British groceries in the back of the store.

                                1. re: Anne

                                  Thanks. I usally hit Marks & Spencer when I am in Hong Kong just to check out the food....

                                  I think saturday we'll hang around the resort and have lunch at 9 beaches...later I will head to blackbeards via ferry if the timing works out....

                                  I think we will wander aroundthe dockyards on sunday and monday maybe head into hamilton for a bit...tuesday morning we head back.....sound quick in writing...

                                  mark adamowicz

                                  1. re: markadamowicz

                                    The M&S on Reid St has a small selection of food items. I always get told to bring back tea biscuits for the family. Ha ha ha...

                                    Dockyard's will be nice on Sunday (as it's pretty much the only thing on the island open on Sundays), not sure if you want to head there again on Monday evening as they hold their "Dockyard Nights" on Monday night. Local vendors and some local talent on the stage.

                                    1. re: bdachow

                                      We'll be relatively close, might be worth heading back on Monday night. Should probably get to Hamilton at some point as well on the trip....

                                      Thanks to all for the help. Will report back when I get back.....

                                      Mark Adamowicz